Food Safety and Emerging Technology

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AmCham Shanghai hosted the annual Food Safety and Emerging Technology Conference on May 26 at the Grand Hyatt Pudong. Developed by food industry experts and in collaboration with the Shanghai Food Safety Federation, the full-day event is a bridge between the food and beverage industry and regulators.

Keynote speaker Dr. Junshi Chen, professor at the National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment, kicked off the event by discussing the 2015 China Food Safety Law and how emerging technology is being integrated in food service.

David Ettinger, partner at Keller and Heckman LLP moderated the first panel with a discussion on food safety through industry and government collaboration. Panelists Dr. Junshi Chen, Danny Tan of Yum! Brands China, and Maggie Sans, chief corporate affairs officer of Walmart in China, discussed how goods and distribution companies can align growth strategies with government policy. The panelists agreed that China needs to have more channels of communication and develop a common standard. Tan spoke about how the 2015 Food Safety Law is an enormous improvement from the previous 2008 version of the law; however, it is up to industry leaders to lead real implementation. According to Sans, the new law is a reflection that China is working to become a standard bearer for food safety. The panelists said they would recommend new players to China’s growing food market, but only if they are willing to directly invest in food safety up-front. New players need to join the food safety conversationright away.

Li Xin, president at advisory firm Sustenture, spoke about new business models within O2O, e-commerce and digitally innovative Apps. E-commerce has expanded rapidly as more and more retailers and other marketers of consumer packaged goods offer consumers the ability to shop online. Xin also spoke about companies experimenting with virtual reality marketing and drone delivery services. Co-founder of start-up company VCLEANSE Tian Tian Mayim discussed the importance of balancing both a sophisticated online presence and building a local community behind a product. She spoke about developing her cleansing juice products both through active online engagement and organizing weekly health-related events.

Senior Consultant at Marmon Foodservices Technologies Shirley Lu moderated the third panel with a focus on food safety compliance and risk management. Gianluca Pettiti, president at Thermo Fischer Scientific, spoke about how the latest technology is making it easier for SMEs to enter the food market. “With a lower investment upfront, SMEs can outsource food safety with things like cloud technology. It’s a much lower investment upfront, but it has to be the right investment,” he said.

Simultaneous workshops were held in the afternoon concerning operations, supply chain logistics, regulatory compliance and digital marketing in F&B.

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