Pamoja Education提供培训招收:中文IB Diploma Online Teacher

2016-06-19 IDEABOXES


公司:Pamoja Education

职位:IBDP Mandarin Online Teacher


待遇:Competitive Remuneration Package


Job Description

Pamoja Education offers staff and teachers the opportunity to be part of a global team, whose talent, passion and collaborative approach will enable outstanding achievements in the world of online education and enable individuals to use their intellect, experience and vision to be outstanding in their field of work. 


As well as offering an inspiring and creative workplace in which to flourish and develop 21st century teaching skills, Pamoja Education offers staff a competitive remuneration package, flexible and remote working conditions and the opportunity to be a part of an international team within a rewarding and rapidly growing organisation. 


Our teaching positions offer the opportunity to cultivate new skills which can be utilised in a range of online and traditional educational settings.  They also offer the unique opportunity of flexible working conditions; roles are available on a full and part time contractor basis and can be delivered at a time and in a location to suit the teacher (including working from home). 


If you are passionate about 21st century learning, have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to succeed, then you will benefit from being part of the Pamoja Education team, where we draw on each other's knowledge and experience, to inspire and motivate one another.

IB Diploma Online Teacher Job Description

To successfully deliver quality online courses using appropriate online teaching methodologies and technologies, in  one or more (typically one in the  first instance)  of the IB Diploma programme courses, to students  in schools  across many time-zones.  (Training will be provided). 

Teachers Will Be Required To

  • Participating actively and meaningfully in online discussions on a regular basis throughout the academic calendar, promoting student-to-student interaction, modelling the tone and quality of interactions expected of students and maintaining a positive classroom climate

  • Accessing online learning platform regularly (on at least five separate days in a week) and responding to any student message as quickly as possible (the required response time is within 24 hours)

  • Giving assessment feedback in a timely manner to keep students informed of their progress, with clear professional comments that highlight reasons for assigned ratings / scores

  • Working with the Head of department to suggest strategies and actions for course delivery and course content improvement where such suggestions add to the quality of course delivery and content

  • Using technology based skills / techniques and communication tools to manage the online classroom and to support the learner

  • Having regular communication with school Site Based Coordinators and Pamoja Education School Services Managers to ensure that Courses are delivered professionally, accurately and in line with Pamoja Education’s quality assurance standards

  • Participating in regular departmental meetings and supporting agreed departmental initiatives in consultation with colleagues and the Head of Department

  • Engaging in the Pamoja Education teacher support and review process to reflect on their own practice and set professional goals on a yearly basis to  promote their own professional development 

  • Adhering to all Pamoja Education policies, standards and procedures relating to Pamoja Education’s service(s) offering, ensuring that standards of teaching reflect on and adhere to teaching best practices

  • Providing Services with all reasonable care, skill and ability, using best endeavours to promote the interests of Pamoja Education

  • Advising Pamoja Education as soon as reasonably practicable if unable to provide the Services due to illness, injury or any other reason

  • Attending review meetings to assess the progress of the Services

  • Complete and participate in surveys as requested

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