【CFAA Spotlight | 2016年6月】

2016-06-14 CFAA美国华人金融协会

2016年起,CFAA每月两次推送CFAA Spotlight,内容包括最新金融相关职位发布,以及芝加哥地区相关活动。大家点击“阅读原文”登陆CFAA官网首页,留下自己的邮箱就可以订阅哦!


Digital Marketing Internship

TLS Group    

Customer Service & Sales Mgr./AVP at Cathay Bank Chicago Broadway Branch

Assistant Customer Service & Sales Manager at Cathay Bank Chicago Westmont Branch

Financial Service Officer at Cathay Bank Chicago Chinatown Main Branch

Financial Service Representative at Cathay Bank Chicago Broadway Branch

Cathay Bank Chicago Office

Hedge Fund Research Analyst, based in Shanghai or Hong Kong

Global Sage Ltd. (Please contact CFAA for more details)

Chief Investment Officer of a large public pension fund in Illinois

(Please contact CFAA for more details)



June 14, 2016 CFA Society Chicago | Distinguished Speaker Series: Charlie Dreifus, CFA 

June 23, 2016 CFAA Quarterly Happy Hour

June 28, 2016 The Chicago Council on Global Affairs | Interest and Influence: Central Banks and the Global Economic Outlook

July 31, 2016 CFAA 2016 Summer BBQ

July 30 - August 1 2016 2016 Ascend National Convention & Career Fair