Calcium – for more than just strong bones!

2016-06-24 新西兰好健康

When we think of the benefits of taking calcium we think of strong bones and healthy teeth
but calcium is one of the most important minerals needed in our body and its benefits go far beyond just bones and teeth. 
Here are 3 other important reasons why our bodies need calcium;
这里有3 个重要的因素告诉您为什么需要钙:
1.Muscle function. Calcium is needed by our muscles so they can contract.  It works together with Magnesium which helps our muscles relax – both are equally important. 
Deficiency may show up as:
·muscle aches and twitches
·cramps and spasms (including leg cramps  & premenstrual cramps)
·heart palpitations
·Nervous tension & irritability

2.Heart health and blood pressure. Calcium helps your heart to pump properly and to maintain proper pressure in your arteries helping reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

3.Obesity - Calcium helps in maintaining optimal body weight in both men and women. If there is too little calcium -  the body will release parathyroid hormone, which stimulates the bones to release calcium into your blood stream. This maintains the calcium balance but parathyroid hormone also stimulates the production of fat and prevents its break down, which overtime can lead to obesity.
Good Health Hi Cal™ provides Calcium and Vitamin D in a liquid formula for improved absorption in the body. Calcium is essential for strong healthy bones and teeth and many other health conditions too.  Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption.