Is your busy lifestyle affecting your liver?

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 Our busy lifestyle often goes hand in hand with eating food on the run, drinking alcohol and coffee, smoking, over eating or over indulging in rich foods or other ‘pleasures’ to help us cope with the stress of living.  Unfortunately, most of these things are harmful and even damaging to your liver.
The liver is your major detoxifying organ and works like a complex filter. When the liver becomes overworked, toxins start to accumulate in the body and act as a constant drain on your health and vitality.

在繁忙生活的生活下,我们通常都是边忙活边吃、烟酒咖啡、过度或放纵饮食减压。但是,这些行为都给您的肝脏带来了严重负荷。肝脏是一个重要的复杂的过滤器解毒器官,当肝脏超负荷时,毒素就开始在体内蓄积,并不断地消耗您的健康与活力 。

A sluggish liver underlies many common health problems, and can also interfere with your weight as the liver struggles with its key roles in toxin elimination; hormone detoxification; fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism; regulation of blood sugar levels and digestive function. 


Do you experience any of the following?



·Skin problems
·Weight problems
·Over indulgence in alcohol, coffee or fast food
·Hormonal imbalances
·Tiredness and fatigue (particularly in the morning)
·Bloating or flatulence

If you answered yes to any one of these, it might be time to consider giving your liver a helping hand.
Good Health Liver Tonic 17500™ and Good Health Milk Thistle 35,000 contain high strength herbs which help to detoxify and protect the liver against the damaging effects of modern living.  By supporting the liver through quality natural health supplements along with diet and lifestyle changes, we can help offset the side effects of a busy lifestyle and help maintain a healthier body.