Eco-Tourism and Travel in China: Opportunities & Challenges

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AmCham Shanghai’s EnvironmentalReal Estate and Design & Construction Committees invite you to our next public event on Eco-Tourism & Travel in China: Opportunities & Challenges on Tuesday, November 22 from 18:00 to 19:30 at the naked Hub Nanjing Lu.

Join Alessandro Bisagni, Founder & Managing Director of BEEDavid Leung, General Manager of PACTLouie Cheng, Founder and President of PureLiving, Raefer Wallis, Founder of A00 Architecture, and Grant Horsfield, Founder of naked Hub for keynote presentations followed by a panel discussion on the business opportunities and challenges for eco-tourism in China.

Increased tourism to sensitive natural areas without appropriate planning and management can threaten the integrity of ecosystems and local cultures while this same growth can also create significant opportunities for both conservation and local communities. Learn more about this fast growing sector and environmental hot topic at our exciting event.


18:00    Registration & Networking
18:15    Keynote Presentations 
18:45    Panel Discussion
19:15    Q&A
19:30    Event Ends

About the Speakers:

Alessandro Bisagni is the Founder and Managing Director of BEE – a sustainability engineering consulting and technology company specializing in the creation of green and healthy buildings. BEE is a GBCI recognized LEED Proven provider and part of USGBC’s LEED User Group for Retail. The company specializes in building simulations, commissioning, green building certification (LEED / WELL / RESET / LBC / HK BEAM / China 3-Star), and cloud-based building data management for ensuring ongoing performance. Alessandro has managed over 150 LEED projects, across 25 countries, with a combined GFA of over 30 million square feet.

David Leung joined PACT in 2011 as General Manager in managing both commercial & industrial waste water treatment projects for multinational clients China and worldwide. He has actively involved & led his company team for turnkey EPC wastewater /water customized solution projects for eco-hotel & resorts industry as well as Fortune 500 industrial companies, such as ALCOA, BASF, Ecolab, Roche, and Tyson Food. 

Louie Cheng is the Founder and President of PureLiving since 2010 after realizing that there was no company that could provide reliable and accurate advice for people in China who wanted clean indoor air and water.  Louie has over 20 years of scientific consulting experience as a chemical warfare engineer with the US Army, Prior to that, he was an IBM managing consultant, and was formerly the Asia Strategy Director for Thomson Reuters’ Scientific Division. 

Raefer Wallis is an award winning Architect bridging the gap between the building industry, health, ecological regeneration and IT. As founder of A00 Architecture he has been involved in many firsts, including Asia’s first carbon neutral hotel, first LEED platinum resort, first Living Building Challenge projects, the world’s largest modern rammed-earth structure and many more. As founder of GIGA he combines research on healthy buildings with innovative cloud software. He also leads the development of RESET; the world’s first building standard to assess and benchmark the health performance of buildings in real-time.

Grand Horsfield is the Founder and Chairman of naked Group, a lifestyle business with a vision that creates sanctuaries that are in harmony with the environment, where people can appreciate the simple way of nature and embrace the naked Lifestyle.

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