Member Training Program: Get to the Point

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Thursday, July 21, 2016, 13:00 to 17:00
AmCham Shanghai Conference Center Suite 568, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West
上海美国商会会议室 南京西路1376号,上海商城568室
AmCham Shanghai Training Credits *: 1 credit
Member (RMB): 360.00
Member Company Employee (RMB): 618.00

A critical factor for an individual's success today is the 'quick conversation' that compels another person to action. Presenting and projecting with confidence and impact is a key skill in today’s dynamic market place. Whether people are dealing with bosses, colleagues, staff members or senior management, the ability to win respect, inspire people and cultivate cooperation is essential to their career success. Organizations need and want leaders who can ‘Get to the Point.’

During this interactive, introductory workshop, participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Present complex information in a simple, clear and understandable way

  • Learn and use the “45 Seconds Fast Track” technique for refining and defining what you say through live scenarios

  • Project confidence and competence without preplanning or preparation

  • Answer a question when they don't have an answer

Who should attend?

  • People Managers, Directors and Senior Leaders

  • Junior and Senior Executives at multinational organizations needing and wanting to improve their ability to Get to the Point when working with Senior Executives


13:00  Registration
13:15  Session Begins
16:00  Tea Break
17:00  Session Ends


Mary Rezek

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