【English for Emails】职场英语之邮件写作(4)- 用邮件询问

2016-06-29 英国大使馆文化教育处


Subject questions


  • Who takes you to school?  谁带你去学校?

  • Where is your favourite place?  哪里是你最喜欢的地方?

  • What annoys you the most?  你最讨厌什么?

  • When is convenient?  什么时候比较方便?

Do not add auxiliary verbs ('do', 'does', 'did', etc.): Who takes you ...? Not Who does take you ...?

注意:此时不要加助动词 do,does,did等,比如:Who takes you…? 不能说Who does take you…?


下列问题只需简单用 yes/yes, of course或yes/no, I am sorry等来回答

  • Are you ready? 你准备好了吗?

  • Is that convenient? 那个方便吗?

  • Do you remember me? 你还记得我吗?

  • Can you send me the report, please? 你能帮我发过来报告吗?

Use the auxiliary verb before the subject: Do you remember ...? Not You do remember ...?

记得将助动词放在主语前面。比如 Do you remember…? 而不是You do remember…?

Object questions


  • Where do you want to meet? 你想在哪里见面?

  • Who did you invite to the meeting? 你邀请谁参会了?

  • Why couldn't you go? 为什么你不去?

  • How much is this going to cost? 这个将花费多少钱?

Remember to use an auxiliary verb ('do', 'did', 'have', 'can', etc.): Where do you want to meet?  Not  Where you want to meet?

这类句子一定记得要加上助动词do,does,did等,比如Where do you want to meet? 不能说 Where you want to meet?

'Let me know'

如果你在邮件中想要询问什么, 你可以用‘Let me know’这个常见的表达方法。

  • Are you coming to the party on Saturday? Could you let me know? Thanks… 周六你会去那个派对吗?可以告诉我嘛?感谢……

  • I would like to attend the training next Tuesday. Please can you let me know the start time? 下周二的培训我想要参加,你能告诉我开始时间吗?


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