2014-08-05 7PLUS英语

短期提高雅思口语成绩: 1. 找最新口语题库
2. 找相应的高分素材
3. 记熟并灵活应用

16.Birthday/ Gift
2. Study/work 17.Neighbors
3. Living place 18. Noise
4. Hometown 19.Weather/Rain
5. Shopping(clothes) 20.Trees/Plants
21. Street market
7. Food/Cooking 22. Museum
8.Park 23. Reading
9.Driving 24. Concentration
10.TV/Computer 25. Language
11.Childhood games /toys 26. Dictionary
12. Animal/pet 27.Mobile phone
13. Photo 28.Time /Punctuality

人物类话题 8个
1. Afamily member you enjoy spending time with 喜欢的家人

2. Aschool friend you remember well
3. An intelligent person you know 智慧之人
4. Acomic actor who is popular in your country 喜剧演员

5. A neighbor you ever helped 你帮助过的邻居
6. An old friend you haven’t seen for a long time 重逢故友
7. A famous person in a foreign country 外国名人
8. Someone who has an interesting job 有趣工作之人

地点类话题 9个
1. Aplace where you want to live 想安家的地方

2. Aplace far away from your home 离家很远的地方

3.A restaurant you like to go to 餐馆
4.A park you visited in the past 公园
5. An important/historical building 建筑

6. A place where you learned another culture 学习其它文化的地方
7. Aschool you went to when you were little 小时候的学校

8. A foreign country you would like to visit for the firsttime 想去的外国
9. A city you have ever visited 去过的城市

物品类话题 21个
1. A popular law in your country 中国好法律
2. Auseful website you like to visit 实用网站

3. A book/magazine you enjoyed reading 喜欢的书
4. Asecond foreign language you want to learn ( except English) 第二外语

5. A good photo of you 有你的照片

6. Anantique or an old thing that your family has kept for a long time 家中老物品
7. Apopular product made in China ( food handicraft or car……) 中国制造

8. Amovie you disliked 不喜欢的电影

9. A piece of advertisement you liked 喜欢的广告
10. Acourse you took (at school university or training school.) 培训课程

(变形 a subject others asked you forinformation 咨询科目)

11. A present you got when you were a child 童年礼物
12. Something that you bought but dont usevery often 买后不常用之物
13.Something you shared with others 与人分享

14. Your first cell phone 第一个手机
15. A piece of equipment with a problem ( TV washer etc.) 有问题的设备
16. A wild animal which you think is interesting 有趣的野生动物
A specialthing you took home on holiday 纪念品
18. Animportant letter you received 重要的信

19. An indoor game in your childhood 童年室内游戏
20.Something special you saved money for 省钱购物

21. A foreign film you enjoyed 外国电影

事件经历类话题 12个
1. Something your friend did successfully 朋友成功做成的事
2. Agroup you would like to take part in 想参与的团体

3. Afamily celebration you attended 家庭庆祝
4. Atime when a stranger helped you( you helped someone) 帮助人的经历
5. Akind of sport you like to play 体育运动

6.Somethingyou enjoy doing with an old person in your family 陪老人做的事情

7. Atime when you are busy 忙碌的时候
8. Apositive experience during teenager time 正能量的经历
9. an event that changed your life in a positive way 改变你的事情
10. A time when you forgot to take something 忘记带东西
11. Aholiday you enjoyed 愉快的假期

12. Apiece of advice someone ever gave you 建议







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