Writing emails 英文邮件必备常识

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Tips for writing a good email

Write a clear subject title.


'Christmas dinner'

'Coursework deadline'

'Team meeting changed to Room 303”

Follow polite terms of address.


Dear Professor Smith

Dear Dr Wang

For family and friends you could use 'Hi'.


Hi mum and dad

Hi Jessica

Never use smileysor texts in formal communication.


Wrong: Hi Professor Smith, ur lectures rG8J

Introduce yourself clearly


My name is Tim Morris, Peter Morris's father. My son has asked me to write to you about…

I am a freelance photographer with 10 years' experience at the BBC. I have learned from my friend Tony that you are doing a big China project, for which you might need an experienced photographer.

My name is Kitty Su, the programme leader for Business management. I would like the team to have a meeting next Monday before teaching starts. Could you please let me know if you will be available in the afternoon?

What is your message? Keep it focused.


I am writing regarding the outstanding balance of...

There are two questions I'd like to ask you regarding the trip. How much will it cost and where are we staying?

Have a clear call to action and set deadlines


Dear all,

I am asking you to complete the module handbook by next Friday as this is required by the Business department.

Respond in a timely manner even if you can't provide the answer yet.


Thanks for your letter. As one of the managers in charge is away we have not been able to come to a decision yet regarding your part-time working request. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Proofread if you can.如果可能一定检查校对。

实例 1:

Subject: Shortlist 

Dear Mr Roberts,

I am pleased to say that we have shortlisted you for the vacancy in our Employability Team, and our HR department will be in touch to arrange a time. The days I have set aside for the interviews are 7th Nov PM, 8th Nov PM and 9th Nov all day.

I thought I would let you know before the weekend as it has been a little while since the closing date and HR will be in touch next week.

Kind regards,

Tony Leader

Director of Student Services

实例 2:

Dear Mr Leader,

Thanks for your email. I am delighted to hear that I have been shortlisted for interview.

I can do any of the morning sessions but I will wait till HR contacts me to discuss the specific time allocation for my interview.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you.

Kind regards,

Alex Roberts

实例 3:Out of office reply


I am out of the office until Wednesday 2nd September 2015. For

urgent matters, please contact Mrs Anita Bell at

Registrar@grammar-school.com. I will respond to all other matters on

my return.

Kind regards

Mrs Denise Spice

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