2016-03-29 美国驻华大使馆


活动日期和时间: 2016-3-30, 星期三, 从 下午6:30 到 下午8:30





时间:3月30日 ( 星期三) ,晚上 18:30-20:30
Date and Time: March 30, Wednesday,18:30 -20:30pm 

Event Details:


EducationUSA Beijing warmly invites you to attend an information session on “Study in Tennessee.” The session will provide the following information:


  • 介绍:美国田纳西州的精彩之处有哪些?

  • 田纳西州的高等教育机会

  • 在田纳西州西部留学

  • 田纳西州西部的社区大学介绍

  • 问答

  • Introduction: What is so great about Tennessee?

  • Higher education opportunities for international students in Tennessee

  • Study in western Tennessee

  • Community Colleges in western Tennessee

  • Q&A

这次活动的嘉宾有田纳西大学马丁分校的国际项目和招生主任Amy Fenning和商业及全球事务学院的主任兼经济学教授Dr. Ross Dickens, 还有田纳西大学的国际招生经理Dr. Andy Ray。本次活动将以英文举行。

Our guest speakers are Amy Fenning, Director of International Programs and Admissions and Dr. Ross Dickens, Dean and Professor of Finance at the College of Business & Global Affairs of the University of Tennessee – Martin, and Dr. Andy Ray, international recruitment manager for the University of Tennessee. The information session will be conducted in English.

如果你对本次的讲座感兴趣,请尽快到EducationUSA 的官网(www.educationusachina.com) 报名。
If you are interested in this information session, please register on EducationUSA China’s official website: www.educationusachina.comas soon as possible. 

This event is open to the public. It is not open to the press. Media inquiries about this event should be directed to the U.S. Embassy Beijing Press Office. 

You must bring a valid photo ID in order to get into our Center. No large bags will be allowed into the Beijing American Center for this event. 

For Security reasons, the BAC staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone. 

地点:朝阳区呼家楼京广中心 2801室北京美国中心 
Location:Suite 2801, Jing Guang Center, Hu Jia Lou, Chaoyang District. 

交通:地铁: 10号线,呼家楼站,D出口 
Directions: Metro Line 10, Hu Jia Lou Exit D, walk south one block to the Jing Guang Center 

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