3 Reasons why men should take Royal Jelly

2016-03-31 新西兰好健康

High blood pressure, High cholesterol levels and infertility are all common health conditions amongst men.
Sometimes, the best thing we can do to increase our health is to look at nature.
Blood Pressure: Research has revealed that some of the proteins found in royal jelly have a direct effect on blood pressure levels in humans. This protein hydrolysate can have a long-lasting impact on blood pressure. When this is combined with the potassium found in royal jelly, which also acts as a vasodilator to reduce stress on blood vessels and the heart, royal jelly begins to look like a great way to prevent a variety of heart conditions.
Cholesterol Levels: Although most people associate sweet, delicious foods with unhealthy cholesterol, that isn’t the case with royal jelly. In fact, research has shown that consistently adding royal jelly to your diet can cause a notable drop in your “bad” cholesterol levels, thereby helping you prevent atherosclerosis and subsequent cardiovascular issues like heart attacks and strokes.
Male infertility: Although the exact function of royal jelly in the fertility process is unclear, some suspect that its impact on human fertility is connected to royalactin, which is the protein that affects the queen’s morphology and helps her become sexually viable. Whatever the reason happens to be, royal jelly has been shown to increase the fertility of men and increase sperm motility, thereby increasing their partner’s chances of becoming pregnant.
Good Health Royal Jelly is a rich source of highly concentrated nutrients including energising B vitamins, complete proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.  In the hive, royal jelly is fed to the Queen bee, boosting her growth rate and extending her lifespan up to 20 times longer than other bee’s.