SO THAT vs SUCH THAT,你都用对了吗?

2016-03-29 最英国


Such that

"such" 是形容词,它可以修饰可数名词和不可数名词,名词前面可以自由选择带不带形容词。如果其后是单数的可数名词,前面需加不定冠词"a"或者"an"

“such...that....” 可以引导以下四种不同的句子:

1. such+a(n)+形容系+单数名词+that从句


This is such a good book that all of us like it very much. (这是一本很好的书,我们大家都很喜欢。)

It was such a fine dayu that nobody wanted to stay at home. (这么好的天气,没人愿意呆在家里。)

2. such+形容词+复数名词+that从句


They are such good students that the teacher likes them. (他们都是好学生,老师很喜欢他们。)

They are such intereresting movies that I want to watch them again. (这些电影都很有趣,我想再看一遍。)

3. such+(形容词)不可数名词+that从句


The book is written in such easy english that beginners can understand it. (这本书是用很简单的英文写的,连初学者都能看懂。)

It was such bad weather that I had to stayat home. (天气实在太坏了,以至于我不得不呆在家里。)

4. one (no,many,any, all, some.....)+such+可数名词+that从句。

There are many such good movies that I can't decide which one to choose. (这么多好电影,我无法决定选择哪一出。)

He gave us several such examples about the phrase that we undeerstood it pretty well. (关于这个短语,他举了好几个例句,我们终于完全懂了。)

So that


1. so+形容词+that从句


It was so cold outside that we had to stop the game. (外面太冷了以至于我们不得不停止比赛。)

The picture is so beautiful that everyone likes it. (那幅画太美了,每个人都很喜欢。)

2. so+形容词+a(m)+单数名词+that从句


It was so good an exhibition that I went to see it several times. (这个展览太棒了,我都去了好几遍了。)

She made so good a meal that we all ate far too much. (她做了一顿很好吃的晚饭,结果我们都撑死了。)

3. so+副词+that从句


Tom ran so fast that he won the first place. (Tom跑的很快结果他拿了第一名。)

He worked so hard at his lessons that he had little rest. (他学习太用功了,休息的时间少之又少。)

4. so+many/ much/ few/ little +名词 +that 从句

I've had so many falls that I am black and blue all over. (我跌了很多次,全身都青一块紫一块的。)

There eas so little water in the jar that it was not enough for all of us. (水缸里的水太少了,不够我们分的。)



1. 她非常城市,大家都很信赖她。

She is so honest that everybody tursts her.

She is such an honest girl that everybody trusts her.

2. 他给了一个很精彩的演讲,出席会议的人都很钦佩他。

He made a speech so wonderfully that everyone present at the conference admired him. 

He made such a wonderful speech that everyone present at the conference admired him.


1. So many/much....that 可转换为such a lot of....that...

2. so few/little...that..可转换为such a few/a litte that...

3. so 和 such 可移至句首,再将主句的主,谓语倒装,以示强调。


It is so hot today that we don't want to go out.

So hot is it that we don't want to go out.