2016-03-26 墨尔本同城会





1. [谈对人生的热情]

It was an achievement worthy of Mahatma Gandhi, conducted with the shrewdness of a lawyer and the idealism of a saint. 他带来的效应堪比圣雄甘地,兼具律师的机智和圣贤的理想主义。
“It’s okay. It was all so beautiful. Whenever you hear this, I will be there.” 情况没你想得那么糟,世界多么美好!每当你听到这首曲子的时候,我都在你的身边。
The secret of their extraordinary success lay precisely in that insatiable curiosity, that irrepressible desire to know, no matter what the subject and no matter what the cost. 他们取得非凡成就的秘密,是他们永不满足的好奇心和难以遏制的求知欲,以及对任何事物不计代价的付出。
“Live each day as if it is your last,” (Gandhi) “learn as if you’ll live forever.” This is what I’m passionate about. It is this inextinguishable, undaunted appetite for learning and experience; no matter how risible, no matter how esoteric, no matter how seditious it might seem. 要活就要像明天你就会死去一样活着(甘地),要学习就要像你将会永生一样学习。这就是我的热情所在,一种对知识和经验的坚定无畏的渴望,而不管这些知识多么荒唐,抑或神秘,或看上去别有用心。

2. [安静!保持听力健康的八大法则]

Each of you an individual chord, for one definition of health may be that chord is in complete harmony. 每个人都是一个独立的和弦。健康的定义之一是令这种和弦保持一种和谐状态。
Reductive listening is to reduce everything down to what’s relevant, and discard everything that’s not relevant. (men) 删减性的倾听是有选择的听,只关注想知道的东西而忽略无关紧要的内容(通常男士)。
Expansive listening – get no destination in mind. It’s just enjoying the journey (women typically). 扩展性的倾听——无明确目标的倾听,只是享受听的过程(通常女士)。
Three quick tips to protect your ears: 三种保护听力的简单方法:
① Professional hearing protectors. 专业听力保护器。
② Headphones of the best kind you can afford. 买你能买得起的最好耳机。
③ When in bad sound, put your fingers in your ears or just move away from it. Wind, water, birds – natural sound – all very healthy because all of it that we evolved to over the years. 听到噪音时,最好用手指护住耳朵,或者远离噪音。风声,水声,鸟声——大自然的声音对健康很有好处,因为这些都是我们进化过程中陪伴我们的语言。
Language as decorated silence. 语言即经修饰过的宁静。
To design soundscapes just like words of art, that has a foreground, a background, all in beautiful proportion. 去设计如艺术品一般的声音氛围,有前景,有背景,并且比例协调。
Just listen to the music is good for you, if it’s music made with good intention, made with love, generally. 听音乐也好,只要它的创作动机是好的,是有爱的音乐就可以。

3. [从机器人那里学来的四课]

① Always question assumptions. 总是质疑“想当然”的结论。

② When in doubt, improvise. 纠结时,即兴来。

③ When your path is blocked, pivot. 前路受阻时,围绕中心迂回前进。

④Practice, practice, practice .(if you want to do it well) 没有什么能替代实践,实践,再实践。
Many of our technological innovations, the devices we dream about, can inspire us to be better humans. 我们有许多技术革新,和正在研发的设备可以激励我们变得更好。
Little things, done right, matter. 无论多小的事情,做对了就会有大用。
Well-designed moments can build brands. 精心设计的细节很容易产生品牌效应。

4. [你为何不会成就伟业]

Passion is the thing that will help you create the highest expression of your talent. 能帮助你成就自己才华的最好的一样东西,就是热忱。
You really think it’s appropriate that you should actually take children and use them as a shield? 你真的以为拿小孩当挡箭牌合适吗?

5. [温和的成功哲学]

You cannot be successful at everything. So any vision of success has to admit what it’s losing out on, where the element of loss is. 你不可能在所有事情上都成功,所有成功实例必须承认它们同时也失去了一些东西,放弃了一些东西。
There is going to be an element where we are not succeeding. It’s bad enough not getting what we want, but it’s even worse to have an idea of what it is you want and find out at the end of a journey that it isn’t, in fact, what you wanted all along. 总是有些什么是我们得不到的。得不到自己想要的已经够糟糕了,更糟糕的是,在你人生旅程的终点,发觉你所追求的,从来不是你真正想要的。

6. [精神病测试的另类答案]

He decided to fake madness to get out of a prison sentence. 他决定装疯,以此逃过牢狱之灾。
Capitalism, perhaps at its most remorseless, is a physical manifestation of psychopathy. 冷酷无情的资本主义正是精神疾病的物质表现。
So I changed tack. 于是我改变了策略。

7. [音乐的力量]

The most miserable and tragic thing about poverty is not the lack of bread or roof, but the feeling of being no-one, the feeling of not being anyone, the lack of identification, the lack of public esteem. 关于贫穷最可怜和最悲惨的事情,并不是没有面包可吃,没有房子可住,而是根本没有自我意识,缺乏存在感,缺乏自我认同,不被公众尊重。
I have come to know the mutability of all human relations and have learned to isolate myself from heat and cold so that the temperature balance is fairly well assured.  –Elbert Einstein 我已熟悉一切人际关系的变幻无常,也学会漠视这种世态炎凉,以保证我的心态平衡。——爱因斯坦
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. –the Golden Rule 你们愿意人怎样对待你们,你们也要怎样待人。——耶稣的黄金法则
The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces. 通向成功的路旁充斥着许多诱人的休息区。
It’s going to be a society that’s way in advance of our own. We’re not inevitably doomed to self-destruction. 一定存在一个比我们的社会先进很多的另一个社会,我们并不是不可避免地走向自我毁灭。

8. [我们真的需要月亮吗?]

When the Earth is spinning very fast, it was very stable. But as it slows down, it will be lose its stability and start to wobble had it not been for the moon. 地球在快速转动时,状态十分稳定。但它放慢速度后就会失去稳定性,开始晃动。如果没有月亮,情况就会是这样。
The angle of earth’s spin is constant only because the moon’s gravitational pull. 地球的自转角度能够保持不变,完全是因为有了月球的引力拉动。
We piece together the fragment of memory to create the idea of future. 我们靠收集记忆碎片去创造未来的想象。
It seems that a lot of unconscious brain activities going on that are shaping on your decision, and your consciousness comes in very late stage of the decisions. 似乎有大量的无意识大脑活动在塑造你的决定,而你的意识在决定中表现得很滞后。

9. [如何实现生活与工作的平衡]

And the reality of the society that we’re in is there are thousands and thousands of people out there leading lives of quiet, screaming desperation, where they work long hard hours at jobs they hate to enable them to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. 现实社会的情况是:成千上万的人们都在平静的绝望中煎熬。他们夜以继日地从事他们痛恨的职业,目的是为了购买无用的商品,以博得无关痛痒的邻人的艳羡。
If you don’t design your life, someone else will design it for you, and you may just not like their idea of balance. –To take control and responsibility for the type of lives that we want to lead by ourselves. 如果你不规划自己的生活,那么别人就会为你规划,而他们对平衡的处理,你往往并不认同。所以,要自己承担起选择自己生活轨迹的重任。

10. [美妙生活的三个秘诀]

Living with a sense of awareness of the world around you. 主动感知你周遭的世界。
Embracing your inner three year-old and seeing the tiny joys that make life so sweet. 拥抱内心中那个三岁的自己,意识到让生活美好的那些小小快乐。
Being authentic to yourself-being you and being cool with that. 做真实的自己,心安理得做自己。
Letting your heart lead you and putting yourself in experiences that satisfy you. 顺从自己的心意,让自己置身于能让你快乐的事务中。

[全球幸福指数Happy Planet Index]

Think of a deer. A deer freezes very, very still, poised to run away. And I think that’s what we’re doing when we’re asking people to engage with our agenda around environmental degradation and climate change. People are freezing and running away. Because we are using fear. 想象一只鹿。一只鹿会停下来一动不动,做好逃跑的准备。我想这就是我们所做的,当我们要求人们加入到我们的环境破坏和气候改变的计划的时候,人们停下来,然后准备逃跑。因为我们采取了恐惧策略。

To the top right of the graph are countries which are doing reasonably well and producing well-being, but they’re using a lot of planet to get there. They’re the U.S.A., other Western countries going across in those triangles and a few Gulf states in there actually. Conversely, at the bottom left of the graph, are countries that are not producing much well-being—typically, sub-Saharan Africa. In Hobbesian terms, life is short and brutish there. The average life expectancy in many of these countries is only 40 years…The country on its own up at the top is Costa Rica, with an average life expectancy is 78-and-a-half years, which is the happiest nation on this planet. 在这个图的右上角是一些提供幸福生活上做得比较好的国家,但代价是他们用了地球很多的资源。包括美国,其他一些在那些三角形上的西方国家,还有几个波斯湾的国家。相反地,在这个图的左下方,是那么没有提供多少幸福生活的国家——典型的便是非洲撒哈拉以南的国家,照托马斯霍布斯的说法,那里的生活是短暂而又粗野的。在很多这些国家的人均寿命只有40岁。在图的上方独占鳌头的国家是哥斯达黎加,人均寿命是78.5岁。这就是地球上最快乐的国家。

What five positive actions can you do to improve well-being in your life?
—To connect. Keep building your social relationships, which are the most important cornerstones of your life.
—To be active—the fastest way out of a bad mood.
—To take notice. Do you notice what’s bubbling up for you and trying to emerge?
—To keep learning. Older people who keep learning and are curious have much better health outcomes than those who start to close down.
—To give. Hardwired to the reward mechanism in our brain.