I have a dream,a song to sing 我有一个梦想,一首歌去歌唱它 To help me cope with anything 帮助我处理任何事情 If you see the wonder of a fairy tale 如果你看见一个童话般的奇迹 You can take the future even if you fail 即使失败你也能为未来拼搏 I believe in angels 我信仰天使 Something good in everything I see 我看见的每件事都有好的一面 I believe in angels 我信仰天使 When I know the time is right for me 当我知道时间对我是公平的 I'll cross the stream I have a dream 我有一个梦想 会跨过溪流 I have a dream,a fantasy 我有一个梦想,一个幻想 To help me through reality 帮助我直达现实 And my destination makes it worth the while 我的目标让它有了价值 Pushing through the darkness still another mile 把我带出黑暗到达另一个英里