2016-07-18 美国驻华大使馆


活动日期和时间: 2016-7-22, 星期五, 从 下午6:30 到 下午8:30

地点: 北京市朝阳区安家楼路55号 (美国大使馆东门)



北京市朝阳区安家楼路55号 (美国大使馆东门)


Attention: Beijing American Center (BAC) has been relocated to the East Gate of U.S. Embassy, No. 55, Anjialou Road, Chaoyang District 




EducationUSA将举办一场关于美国大学本科生申请及录取的讲座。我们的老朋友,来自于University of Rochester的乔峰先生(Mr. Isthier Chaudhury) ,会为您介绍国际学生在申请美国大学时候需要着重考虑的因素。同时,他的同事,来自于著名的Eastman 音乐学院的Ms. Danielle Arnold也会加入这次讲座,为您讲述申请音乐学院时与其他专业申请的不同要求与要点。


Event Details:


This program will be conducted in English.


EducationUSA is hosting a presentation about U.S. college undergraduate admission processes. Mr. Isthier Chaudhury, the assistant director of international admissions from University of Rochester will present on factors to consider when applying to colleges. MS. Danielle Arnold, the Admissions Counselor from the Eastman School of Music will also join this session to discuss additional components of the music conservatory applications and important differences from other majors.




NOTE: This event is open to the general public.  Audio or video recording of the program will not be permitted.  Press inquiries should be to the U.S. Embassy Press Office directed


北京市朝阳区安家楼路 55 号 (美国大使馆东门)。 

Location: No. 55 An Jia Lou Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (East Gate of the U.S. Embassy) . 

交通:地铁 10 号,亮马桥站 B 出口,向东北步行至 天泽路和安家楼路交汇处, 签证处北侧。 

Directions: Metro Line 10, Liangmaqiao Station Exit B, walk northeast to the Tian Ze Road intersection of An Jia Lou Road, north side of the Visas Office.

* 请记住携带有效身份证件进入北京美国中心。请此活动勿携带大包。 

You must bring a valid photo ID in order to get into our Center.  No large bags will be allowed into the Beijing American Center (BAC) for this event. 

For security reasons, the BAC staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone. 


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