Alumni Profile: Michael

2014-12-15 英国华威大学

Name: Michael
Nationality: USA
Home Institution: University of South Carolina

Michael's experience

I’ve always wanted to visit the UK and I figured the Summer School would be a great opportunity to do so. Additionally, I liked the idea of being able to converse with locals of the country I studies in, in their native language. I had heard of Warwick’s reputation and valued it as an educational institution.

I liked our accommodation building just fine. It’s a good setting for being close to the fellow students. The location is great, so close to the piazza. The campus is wonderful, it’s beautiful and walking around it is never a chore. I love the ponds and fields and wildlife. The abundance of maps make it easy to navigate as well.

I love the course. The instructors are all incredibly interesting and intelligent. I find the classes very helpful. After only a week and a half, I felt I’d improved a great deal.

I had hoped to learn a great deal about writing, England and the cultures of people my age from around the world. I can easily say that I’ve already done all of this. It’s a fantastic opportunity – the greatest summer camp (it’s what it feels like) you’ll ever attend. You’ll learn more in three weeks than you would in an entire semester. It’s an invaluable experience.