Introducing the new UAL Passport!

2014-12-09 伦艺上海授权招生代表处

The UAL Passport is a loyalty card that rewards you when you engage with careers events, and other opportunities offered by SEE.

Think of it as your passport to a fulfilling career in the creative industries.

The benefits

The UAL Passport allows you as students to manage and plan your creative career journey from within the supportive community of UAL.

SEE is committed to helping you achieve your goals as a future creative professional.

How the UAL Passport works

When you engage with SEE’s online support, attend our events, or access our opportunities and awards you will receive stamps. These will amass to rewards and benefits and will help to keep a record of your career preparation.

You can collect stamps by:

  • Attending SEE events.

  • Engaging in opportunities such as the Mentoring Scheme, Showcasing Bursaries, applying for SEED funding.

  • Finding work at UAL through ArtsTemps, our in-house temping agency.

Your passport expires in July 2015 so you have until then to collect 12 stamps.

  • You will receive 1 stamp for attending SEE events.

  • You will receive 2 stamps for actively engaging and participating in SEE opportunities.

You can get your passport stamped when you attend SEE events.

You can also get your Passport stamped after engaging in SEE opportunities by visiting the UAL Passport office in High Holborn.

The rewards for collecting stamps are:

  • 4 stamps gives you priority access to meet a careers advisor.

  • 8 stamps gives you priority access to a portfolio review session.

  • 12 stamps gives you the opportunity to present your portfolio/CV to a panel of employers and industry experts. In addition you will receive a UAL Passport completion certificate and be rewarded with extra careers and portfolio advice.

Where can I pick up my UAL Passport?

You can get your UAL Passport by either visiting the SEE office on the Lower Ground floor of 272 High Holborn, at one of our SEE Roadshows frequently held at your college, or by attending a SEE event.

How do I register my UAL Passport?

Register your UAL Passport by completing the registrationform via the link at the top of this page.