【EducationUSA活动】4月16日,周日,上午10:00 -12:00, 赴美行前培训讲堂(学生专场)(需要预约)

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活动日期和时间: 2016-4-16, 星期六, 从 上午10:00 到 下午12:00

地点: 朝阳区呼家楼京广中心 2801室北京美国中心




EducationUSA周六 将举办行前培训学生专场。培训课程主要是针对即将赴美的学生了解美国校园生活将要面对的挑战与困难,如何更好的调整自己迎接新的生活环境。此培训课程只针对学生开放,主讲语言为英语。

Event Details:

Get ready to launch your journey! EducationUSA April Super Saturday will present a pre-departure orientation workshop for students. The objective of this workshop is to give students realistic and accurate information and provide them with skills to adjust successfully to challenges you may face. Pre-departure paperwork is important, but what does it really take to be mentally, culturally, and physically prepared for your study in the U.S.? This workshop is for students only and will be conducted in English. No translation is provided.