2016-04-09 走遍美国


Oxford University
Where: Oxford, Great Britain

It's hard to imagine a more picturesque1) university than Oxford. The oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford dates back to 1167, when King Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris. On the campus, regal2) Gothic buildings housing classrooms, dormitories and dining halls stand out against the quad's3) verdant4) lawn, where you can imagine Percy Bysshe Shelley,Oscar Wilde and W. H. Auden lounging5) between classes. Oxford's circular Radcliffe Camera is a masterpiece of Palladian6) architecture and one of the world's most stunning libraries.

Insider Tip: Harry Potter fans touring the campus should pay attention to see where scenes at Hogwarts were filmed.

很难想象有比牛津大学更具诗情画意的大学了。牛津大学是英语国家中最古老的大学,它的历史可以追溯到1167年,当时国王亨利二世禁止英国学生去巴黎大学就读。在牛津大学的校园里,包括教室、宿舍和食堂在内的富有王室风格的哥特式建筑在方院里那郁郁葱葱的草坪的映衬下显得愈发醒目。站在草坪上,你可以想象珀西·比希·雪莱、奥斯卡·王尔德和W. H. 奥登(编注:美国诗人)在课间懒洋洋地躺在草坪上的情景。牛津大学的拉德克里夫圆楼是帕拉弟奥式建筑的代表作,也是世界上最令人叹为观止的图书馆之一。


Cambridge University
Where: Cambridge, Great Britain

Cambridge University is characterized less by a proper campus than a collection of colleges, medieval churches, courtyards and wisteria7)-filled gardens. The town of Cambridge originated in Roman times, and the university dates back to 1209. The exact founding story is unknown, but the version told to Cambridge students recounts8) that some Oxford scholars chased out after the accidental shooting of a peasant fled to Cambridge, where they established a new university. The famous university is shrouded9) in mythology and funny stories of students' pranks10).

Insider Tip: When passing under the Great Gate at Trinity College11), look up at the statue of Henry VIII. At some point, the scepter12) in his hand was replaced by a table leg, but when or how the switch was made is one of Cambridge's great mysteries.



Trinity College
Where: Dublin, Ireland

Roaming the green campus of Trinity College, you'll likely feel connected to the great literary tradition there. Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Samuel Beckett all studied at Trinity, and their busts13) stand proudly in the library. Most of the university's buildings were constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries, butQueen Elizabeth I established Trinity College in 1592 with the aim of "civilizing" Dubliners. In the historic Examination Hall—designed by architect Sir William Chambers—you can marvel at the impressive 18th-century interiors and the organ, which was recovered from a Spanish ship.

Insider Tip: In James Joyce's Ulysses, Leopold Bloom visits Sweny's Pharmacy near the college14). Today, many Trinity students work there, selling the lemon soap that Joyce described.



Harvard University
Where: Cambridge, America

America's oldest and most prestigious university is comprised of a series of buildings that narrate the progression of architecture in America. Established in 1636—over a century before America was an independent country—Harvard University took its name from John Harvard, who donated his entire library and half his wealth to the university upon his death. His statue stands at the center of the gated campus, in Harvard Yard. Visitors can freely wander the grounds admiring the charming red brick buildings, though many have restricted access for students and faculty only. Memorial Hall, with Saunders Theater inside, is a Victorian masterpiece and a memorial to the Harvard men who died for the Union cause during the Civil War.

Insider Tip: Tourists love to take photos with the John Harvard statue in Harvard Yard, but beware—Harvard students make a habit of peeing on it.



Columbia University
Where: New York, America

Originally founded as King's College in 1754, Columbia University is one of the oldest universities in America, but has only occupied its current campus since the early 20th century. It's a bit of an idyllic oasis15) in the city, with plenty of green space surrounded by red brick and stone classroom buildings, libraries and chapels. Columbia has its fair share of secrets, like the origins of the oldest building on campus—the Maison Franç aise—as a mental hospital. Allan Poe's Raven Mantel, donated to Columbia in 1908, was recently rediscovered in a back room16) of Butler Library after being lost for over 100 years.

Insider Tip: After touring the campus, head over to the Hungarian Pastry Shop, one of New York's most storied17) literary haunts18).



Peking University
Where: Beijing, China

It's no wonder that Peking University is considered one of China's most beautiful universities—it's located on the grounds of the former Qing Dynasty gardens. Founded in 1898 as the Imperial University of Peking, it was originally in the center of Beijing, near the Forbidden City, but was moved to its location near the Summer Palace in 1952. The gorgeous campus is full of traditional houses, gardens and pagodas19).

Insider Tip: Of the three gates that lead into the campus, the West Gate is the most beautiful, with elaborate ceiling murals20).




1. picturesque [ˌpɪktʃəˈresk] adj. 风景如画的;别致的

2. regal [ˈriːɡl] adj. 王室的;奢华的;威严的
3. quad [kwɒd] n. (在牛津大学的学院中,有建筑物围着的)四方院子
4. verdant [ˈvɜːdnt] adj. 青葱的;翠绿的;郁郁葱葱的
5. lounge [laʊndʒ] vi. 懒洋洋地靠(或躺)
6. Palladian: (16世纪意大利建筑师)帕拉弟奥的;帕拉弟奥新古典主义建筑风格的
7. wisteria [wɪˈstɪəriə] n. 紫藤
8. recount [rɪˈkaʊnt] vt. 叙述;讲述
9. shroud [ʃraʊd] vt. 掩盖;掩藏
10. prank [præŋk] n. 恶作剧;开玩笑
11. Trinity College: 三一学院,剑桥大学的一个学院
12. scepter [ˈseptə(r)] n. 权杖;节杖
13. bust [bʌst] n. 半身雕像
14. 在爱尔兰作家James Joyce的小说《尤利西斯》中,小说主人公Leopold Bloom在Sweny's Pharmacy买过柠檬香皂。
15. oasis [əʊˈeɪsɪs] n. (不愉快环境中的)宜人之所,安适之地
16. back room: 里屋;密室
17. storied [ˈstɔːrid] adj. 历史上(或传说中)有名的;历史上(或传说中)有记载的
18. haunt [hɔːnt] n. 某人常去的地方
19. pagoda [pəˈɡəʊdə] n. (尤指佛教的)宝塔
20. mural [ˈmjʊərəl] n. 壁画