IELTS asks: Shall we need to work in offices in the future?

2016-04-01 剑桥考试语言辅导


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雅思永恒的命题 - 传统和现代化的冲突。今天,我们来畅想未来的写字楼会是什么样的。

Tomorrow's Buildings will look at how technology is making our offices smarter, our homes more affordable and even transforming building sites."

如果被问到,不喜欢办公室的什么?有人会拉出一条长长的单子:workload工作量, the boss, colleagues同事, uncomfortable chairs, lack of light, no decent food in the canteen食堂的饭 and air-conditioning... ...


Technology may soon be able to ease the last of these, offering a better working environment by allowing workers to control their heating via a smartphone app.

      有家调研公司预言就在2016年, that commercial buildings will have more than 500 million "connected things" !五亿个感应器的连接,背后的推手是节能需要,因为写字楼的空调和照明浪费惊人 (staggering)!!

是酱紫的吗?- employees will be given with more power to control the heating and lighting of office buildings



还是酱紫的 -  much technology will be used to make buildings greener or more environment friendly


拟或是介样?- to strengthen managment, workers will be watched to know if they are at work in the office at the cost of their privacy.



未来的写字楼是我们的救世主savior 呢?还是成为偷窥我们的间谍spy? The buildings of the future will have their own operating systems, but who will control them?