2016-04-13 IDEABOXES


公司:ASF European Holdings Ltd


性质:Permanent, Full-time

待遇:£75,000 - £85,000 p/a 



Job Description

A unique opportunity exists for a highly-experienced director to join the UK business of a new driving force in strategic investment between China and Australia, UK and Europe, ASF European Holdings Ltd. ASF European Holdings Ltd is a London-based wholly owned subsidiary of ASF Group Limited. ASF Group Limited is an ASX Listed Australian company and an investment and trading house which focuses principally on the identification, incubation and realisation of opportunities in areas of synergy between China and Australia, UK and Europe which includes resources, commodities trading and property sectors, alongside travel and financial services. ASF European Holdings Ltd directs the Group’s business in the UK.

Responsibilities and Duties

The director will be responsible for the leadership of the company, including commercial operations, accounting, legal matters and the effective implementation of policies and outcomes.

  • Monitor all accounting and administrative matters 

  • Liaise with business partners from China and Australia, and relationships in the UK and Europe 

  • Oversight and review daily operations and respond to enquiries 

  • Provide accurate and practical legal advice and support to the company operations and development across China/HK, Australia, UK and Europe 

  • Direct and manage the development, implementation and review of policies, strategies and processes across China/HK, Australia, UK and Europe

Skills, Qualifications And Experience required

  • Relevant tertiary qualifications in law and accounting with present or previous admission to practice law in HK and Australia.

  • Demonstrated over 20 years’ experience in providing sound legal and commercial advice at a senior level across China/HK, Australia, UK and Europe

  • A well-established track record with at least 20 years of management experience in a similar role

  • Demonstrated ability to build a highly-effective team and maintain a culture of openness and collaboration between team partners and members

  • Proven ability to engage with stakeholders across China / HK, Australia, UK and Europe and to develop new business opportunities in UK and Europe

  • Well-developed knowledge of Chinese business culture and basic mandarin speaking preferred


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