美商会(重庆)免费定制商务训练课程|AmCham (CQ) FREE Commercial Training Course

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Amcham sincerely invites you to the event for corporate awareness and the specially made commercial training course by the MetLife Business College.
The course design involves wide range divided into five parts.
精品销售类课程: 为企业定制方案,打造一个专业销售团队,有效提升销售业绩
Boutique products marketing curriculum: plan for enterprises to build a professional marketing team and improve the performance
精品内训师训练课程: 涵盖为建立企业内训师制度,培养企业专职内训人员
Boutique internal trainer curriculum: help enterprises establish the system of internal trainer to develop the full-time internal trainers
企业骨干培养与训练课程: 熟练掌握招募流程与人员选拔懂得KPI分析及目标分解掌握业绩追踪与督促精要
Business elite cultivating curriculum : target at being proficient in recruitment and KPI analysis and master in goal decomposition, performance tracking and supervision essence
通用管理类课程: 涵盖时间管理,有效沟通,色彩与性格,心态建设,商务职场礼仪等方面
General management curriculum: cover fields such as time management, effective communication, color and personality, mentality construction and business etiquette etc. 
Specially authorized curriculum: cultivate FQ and EQ
Course Information
时间: 长期活动项目
报名对象: 以企业,公司为单位报名
This time MetLife Business College will introduce the professional team to your enterprise and launch the training course for free, trying to make your business more proactive, dynamic and competitive!
Time: Long-term project
Application object: enterprises or firms
Please click “Read More” or press the QR code for the application!! The number of enterprises is limited, please sign up as soon as possible!
For more info. Please contact 
Summer:+86 23 6776 7738
MetLife Insurance Cooperation Limited was established in 1848, which has abundant experience of risk management and business operation with a long history. Its prospect is to become the leading financial security consultant, determining to strive for Chinese people’s fortune freedom.
MetLife Business College aims at setting the course with specialized instructors suited for renowned enterprises. Miss Huang Shali, the manager of training supervising department in Chongqing Branch of MetLife Insurance Co, Ltd, with Mr. Liu Zhiyu and Mr. Zuo Chuanhong, the professional lecturers.
MetLife Business College have provided  specialized trainings for Chinese and foreign banks, such as Guangdong Development Bank, China Minsheng Bank, Beijing Branch of Citibank, Standard Chatered Bank, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and China Merchants Bank etc, of which the leadership training for the 40 presidents of Bank of Communications Branches received unanimous praise.
Business College devotes itself to setting up the according commercial training course for the partnership with the analysis of the historical operation secret and essence which, in turns to help enrich the training activity for the staff and provide the most significant appreciation service for the involved partnership in an innovative way.

It will specifically carry out commercial courses based on estimating the general situation with the enterprises’ information, interacting with the relevant firms about the training goals and convoking the seminar according to the enterprises’ demand.
The training course has a precise process, developed from the prior-research to choose training programs in the beginning and notifying the trainees with arranging the training site afterwards to the special interaction and recreation design at last, concluded with the feedback and track.
Seats are limited. Please R.S.V.P.