Bio Island 婴儿宝宝补充大脑DHA鳕鱼油 90粒

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产品名 Bio Island婴儿宝宝补充大脑DHA鳕鱼油 90粒

英文名称 Bio Island Cod Liver + Fish Oil 90

品牌 Bio Island

产地 澳大利亚

规格 90粒

功效 预防心脑血管疾病和健脑,提高智力与视力,对视力有相当大的作用

保质期 3年

适用人群 28天以上的婴儿、幼儿、儿童

特别说明 4周-6月婴儿每日1粒; 7月-1岁婴儿每日2粒; 1-3岁儿童每日2-3粒; 4-9岁儿童每日3-4粒。 请随食物或饮品一同服用,或遵医嘱。 *建议4岁以下儿童服用时,请于胶囊鱼尾处拧断,将有效成分挤入牛奶或果汁中。

General Information

Bio Island Cod Liver + Fish Oil is suitable for use by young infants from the age of 4 weeks, The dosages are based on the Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI) and Adequate Intakes (AI) established by the NHMRC (National Health & Research Council).

Each capsule contains a blend of nutrients to support the many needs of growing kids. Fish oil contains vital omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids DHA & EPA, which can only be sourced through diet. Cod liver oil is a rich source of vitamins A & D. Vitamin A, with added vitamin E, plays a role in immune mechanisms and vitamin D plays a role in the body in calcium absorption.


Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.


Cod Liver Oil 275mg
Equiv. to vitamin A 100 µg RE
& cholecalciferol (vitamin D) 0.75 µg

Fish Oil - Natural 120 mg
Equiv. to omega-3 marine triglycerides 36 mg
As eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 21.6 mg
& docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 14.4 mg

D-Alpha Tocopherol (vitamin E) 4.4 mg


Children aged 4 weeks - 1 year take 1 capsule;
1-2 years take 2 capsules;
2-4 years take 3 capsules;
5-9 years take 3-4 capsules, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Please take with meal.

*For children under 4 years, twist or cut the capsule tail and squeeze the contents onto a spoon. The contents can then be administered into the mouth, using the spoon. Alternatively, the dosage can be squeezed onto food.


28天以上的婴儿: 1粒





【营养成分】维他命A D E、天然鱼油、Omega-3、EPA 、DHA



鳕鱼肝油 275mg

维他命A 100mcg RE (333IU)

维他命D 0.75mcg RE (30IU)

天然鱼油 120mg

Omega-3 36mg

EPA 21.6mg

DHA 14.4mg

维他命E 4.4mg (6.5IU)


1、 澳洲BIO ISLAND鱼油,是澳大利亚药管局(TGA)认证,在澳大利亚本土药房销售,受到澳大利亚严格市场监管体系监管,并且明确标注适合28天以上婴儿日常营养补充使用的营养补充剂。

BI0SLAND鱼油TGA注册编号:AUST L 167081

有关澳洲BIO ISLAND鱼油的认证文件,可以到TGA的官网下载,下载地址:


这里解释一下AUST L的含义:


What do the Aust R and Aust L numbers mean?

They show that the medicines are accepted by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for supply in Australia and are included in the Register. The number is printed on the outer packaging so that it can be seen easily.

AUST R medicines are assessed for safety, quality and effectiveness. They include all prescription only medicines and many over-the-counter products such as those for pain relief, coughs and colds and antiseptic creams.

Prescription only medicines do not display their purpose on the label as the decision for using them lies with a doctor; however, over-the-counter medicines must have a purpose displayed.

AUST L medicines are much lower risk self-medication products. They are used for minor health problems and are reviewed for safety and quality. They include sunscreens over SPF4 and many vitamin, mineral, her

bal and homoeopathic products. A purpose must be included on the label.






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