3 Reasons why women should take Royal Jelly

2016-04-25 新西兰好健康

In the hive, royal jelly is fed to the Queen bee, boosting her growth rate and extending her lifespan up to 20 times longer than other bee’s.  Sometimes, the best thing we can do to increase our health is just to look at nature.

Premature Aging: Just as royal jelly helps to extend the queen’s life span significantly, the antioxidant compounds found in royal jelly can also work to eliminate the free radicals that normally cause premature aging of our cells.  Antioxidants can help eliminate wrinkles, maintain a healthy shine to your skin and prevent hair loss while also extending your life by helping to prevent chronic disease.

Weight Loss Effects: Lecithin is one of the components in royal jelly, which can effectively lower cholesterol, improve liver function, and promote healthy digestion. All of these things can help with weight loss efforts. When combined with the improved metabolism that is caused by royal jelly and the protein content of this nutrient supplement, it can work as a definite weight loss booster!

Metabolic Activity: Royal jelly contains all 8 of the necessary amino acids that humans cannot produce themselves.  This makes royal jelly a very important food source. Those 8 amino acids are necessary for making  new proteins in the body and keeping our metabolism running properly. Royal jelly can therefore increase cellular regeneration, boost muscle development and growth, increase bone strength, and optimize the hormonal/enzymatic processes in our body, resulting in dozens of other healthy boosts to our lifestyle!

Royal Jelly is also known to be effective in treating women who have problems with their menstruation such as abnormal cycle, pain, discomfort, and fatigue.

Good Health Royal Jelly is a rich source of highly concentrated nutrients including energising B vitamins, complete proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.  In the hive, royal jelly is fed to the Queen bee, boosting her growth rate and extending her lifespan up to 20 times longer than other bee’s.