AmCham Invites Expats to Forest Marathon|美商会邀外籍人士参加财信·赖特与山铁山坪马拉松

2016-04-21 西南美国商会

商会协Chongqing Expat Guide 诚挚邀请外籍人士免费参加“2016年财信·赖特与山铁山坪森林马拉松”,本赛事由铁山坪生态区相关部门及公司承办。这是全重庆乃至全国第一次将运动赛事与健康户外生活方式的结合展示,是铁山坪森林氧吧及绝佳自然资源与品牌赛事的完美结合。美商会期待您的参与!
AmCham(CQ) together with Chongqing Expat Guide Sincerely Invites Expats to the 2016 Wright Villa Tieshangping Forest Marathon
for FREE! It is organized by the local authorities and relevant firms. This will be the first combination of sports event and heathy outdoor lifestyle throughout Chongqing and even all over China, which is the great integration of natural oxygen-rich area and brand competition in Tieshanping Forest!
Event Background Information
On account of the ignited popularity of the first forest marathon previously, this year,it will be held in the famous scenic spot-Tieshanping Forest Park as the second forest marathon. Tiesshanping Forest Park is superior in beautiful environment and natural resource, feasible for relaxation, sports and tourism. The outdoors carnival together with marathon is bound to be the fantastic enjoyment for the outdoor sports lovers.
The 2016 Wight Villa Tieshangping Outdoors Carnival & Forest Marathon is characterize by the five themes-Green, Environment-friendly, Pro-people, Healthy and Happy, harmonized by the outdoor music, open-air movie and camping with forest marathon racing track.
General Information
1.活动时间2016年5月8日 9:00-12:00
      Time:        9:00AM-12:00AM, May 8th, 2016 
2.活动地点:   重庆铁山坪森林公园
     Location:   Tieshanping Forest Park 
3. 报名人数: 50名
    Participants Number: 50
4. 参赛对象:外籍人士
    Participants: Expats
5. 报名截止日期:4月27号
    Deadline: April 27th
6. 报名费用:免费
     Price: FREE!!!
(Official Price: Mini Marathon 50RMB; Half Marathon 100RMB;)
7. 比赛项目:
  Competition Events: 
    Male & Female (over 15 years old)Mini Marathon (5KM)
    Male & Female (over 18 years old)Half Marathon (21KM)
Other Information
1. 需用护照进行报名.
Passport number needed to sign in.
2. 比赛当天在江北大剧院有大巴接送.
Bus provided to pick up at Jiangbei Grand Theater.
3. 因当天道路会有交通管制,请自驾的选手提前出发.
Those self-driving for the event should be aware of early setting out as there will be traffic control.
4. 入场凭参赛号码(参赛号码及衣服在赛前一周左右通知,在指定地点领取)
 Racing number required for entry
(Get the racing number and clothes about one week before the event at the notificated place).
5. 7:00-8:30在铁山坪峡江观景台检录
    7:00AM-8:30AM registration at the Xiajiang Viewing Deck;8:30AM-9:00AM warm-up & openingceremony.
6. 参赛者需身体健康适合长跑.
Participants required to be fit for marathon.
7. 成绩优异者将得到相应规定的奖励.
Outstanding runners will be awarded accordingly.
Long press the QR code or click "Read more" to register.

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