What causes BAD breath?

2016-04-27 新西兰好健康

Foul-smelling breath is usually caused by the breakdown of food but other culprits include poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, disease, infection, tobacco use and severe dieting.
Most bad breath starts in your mouth, and there are many possible causes that include:

Food particles from smelly foods like garlic and onions
Respiratory Infections
Acid Reflux
Poor Oral Hygiene

If you don't brush and floss every day, food stays in your mouth and collects bacteria, which can cause bad breath. Food collected between the teeth, on the tongue and around the gums can also rot, leaving an unpleasant odour.

What you eat is also a factor. Foods like garlic and onions contribute to breath odour, and once the food is absorbed into the bloodstream, it's transferred to the lungs where it's expelled. Brushing, flossing and mouthwash will only mask the odour temporarily; odours continue until the body eliminates the food. Dieters can develop unpleasant breath from infrequent eating.

Bad breath could also signal a medical disorder. Local infections in the respiratory tract, chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disturbance, and liver or kidney ailment can cause breath odour. If your dentist determines that your mouth is healthy, you may be referred to a physician to determine the cause of bad breath.

What can help?
Maintaining good oral health is essential to reducing bad breath. Brush and floss daily.

Taking natural Chlorophyll daily will also help. Chlorophyll is best known for its deodorising effect it has on the body so is often used as an effective remedy to combat bad breath as well as body odour. Poor digestive health is one of the major causes of this and by taking chlorophyll daily can help the digestive tract to work better by cleansing the blood and the bowel and neutralising the toxins causing the problem.

Good Health Liquid Chlorophyll is a super-concentrated, alkalising antioxidant liquid that counteracts the acidic nature of modern lifestyle and processed foods. Chlorophyll helps to cleanse, alkalise and deodorise the body and is also ideal for use as part of a detox programme or just for everyday health and vitality.

Good Health Chlorophyll now comes in two great flavours, original peppermint and now new berry flavour. 
Try taking this product diluted (a small teaspoon) mixed into a cup of warm water, first thing in the morning for best results.