2016-04-27 美国驻华大使馆


活动日期和时间:  2016-5-04, 星期三, 从 下午6:30 到 下午8:30

地点:  朝阳区呼家楼京广中心 2801室北京美国中心, 地铁: 10号线呼家楼站D出口


EducationUSA周三晚 将举办赴美行前培训学生专场系列之第二场。培训课程主要是针对即将赴美的学生了解美国文化,社交活动及安全问题等,如何更好的迎接新的生活环境。行前整理好需要携带的重要文件固然重要,但是怎样才能从物质,精神及文化全方面作好留学准备呢?此培训课程只针对学生开放,主讲语言为英语。


Event Details:

Get ready to launch your journey! EducationUSA will present a pre-departure orientation workshop for students. The workshop will cover cultural topics and safety concerns. The goal is provide students with skills to deal with cultural and safety issues in the U.S.  Pre-departure paperwork is important, but what does it really take to be mentally, culturally, and physically prepared for your study in the U.S.? This workshop is for students only and will be conducted in English. No translation is provided.



You must bring a valid photo ID in order to get into our Center. No large bags will be allowed into the Beijing American Center (BAC) for this event. 


For security reasons, the BAC staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone. 

地点:朝阳区呼家楼京广中心 2801室北京美国中心 

Location:Jing Guang Center, Suite 2801, Hu Jia Lou, Chaoyang District. 

交通:地铁: 10号线呼家楼站D出口 

Directions: Metro Line 10, Hu Jia Lou Exit D, walk south one block to the JingGuang Center 


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