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1.Initiate a meeting 发起会议

I would like to hold a meeting in the afternoon about our development planning for the project A.


I suggest we have a call tonight at 9:30pm with you and Brown. Please let me know if the time is okay for you and Ben.


We'd like to have the meeting on Thu Oct 30. Same time.


Let's make a meeting next Monday at 5:30 PM SLC time.


I want to talk to you over the phone regarding issues about report development and the XX project.




2. Seeking for more information/feedbacks/suggestions 咨询信息/反馈/建议

Shall you have any problem accessing the folders, please let me knows.


Thank you and look forward to having your opinion on the estimation and schedule.


Look forward to your feedbacks and suggestions soon.


What is your opinion on the schedule and next steps we proposed?


What do you think about this?


Feel free to give your comments.


Any question, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Any question, please let me know.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Your comments and suggestions are welcome!


Do you have any idea about this?


It would be nice if you could provide a bit more informationon the user's behaviour.


At your convenience, I would really appreciate you lookinginto this matter/issue.




3. Give feedback 意见反馈

Please see comments below.


My answers are in blue below.


I add some comments to the document for your reference.



4. Attachment 附件

I enclose the evaluation report for your reference.


Attached please find today's meeting notes.


Attach is the design document, please review it.


For other known issues related to individual features,please see attached release notes.



5. Point listing 列表

Today we would like to finish following tasks by the end oftoday:1…….2…….


Some known issues in this release:1…….2…….


Our team here reviewed the newest SCM policy and has following concerns:1…….2…….


Here are some more questions/issues for your team:1…….2…….


The current status is as following: 1……2……

目前数据如下: 1……2……

Some items need your attention:1…….2…….



6. Raise question 提出问题

I have some questions about the report XX-XXX


For the assignment ABC, I have the following questions:…



7. Proposal 提议

For the next step of platform implementation, I am proposing…


I suggest we can have a weekly project meeting over thephone call in the near future.


Achievo team suggest to adopt option A to solve outstanding issue……



8. Thanks note 感谢信

Thank you so much for the cooperation!


I really appreciate the effort you all made for this sudden and tight project.


Thanks for your attention!


Your kind assistance on this are very much appreciated.


Really appreciate your help!




9. Apology 道歉

I sincerely apologize for this misunderstanding!


I apologize for the late asking but we want to make sure thecorrectness of our implementation ASAP.







The EBRD Manufacturing and Services Team is seeking aChinese speaking Intern who will contribute to all phases of the project cycle,including project origination, structuring, execution, implementation andmonitoring. The Intern is expected to carry out these tasks as part of aproject team under the guidance of more senior bankers.

This internship is being offered as a 5-month opportunity.

Accountabilities & Responsibilities

1. Structuring and Execution

Work as a project team member on transactions, contributingto all aspects of project structuring and execution, including comprehensiveresearch and analysis of background materials, market information and financialperformance data; analyse and evaluate potential risks related to the proposedproject, including analysis of financial statements, preparing and updatingfinancial models and financial projections;

Assist with the designing and processing of technicalco-operation assistance, including preparation of terms of reference andinternal approval documentation, to support the related investment project orthe related policy dialogue initiative;

As may be requested, assist with communication with otherinternal units of the Bank, clients and other stakeholders, at the operationallevel, such as preparing draft correspondence, presentations, and following upon internal emails;

Ensure that all tasks assigned to the Intern are completedwithin the specified time frames to a high quality and in line with thepolicies, procedures and objectives of the Bank.

2. Portfolio Monitoring, Value Creation and Reporting

As requested by the operation leader or a Portfolio Manager,undertake assigned tasks relating to the implementation and monitoring ofprojects as part of the project team, including compliance with projectagreements and Bank procedures related to disbursement, monitoring of progressof the project and financial performance of the client, assessing evolving riskfactors and monitoring and assessing covenant compliance;

As requested by the operation leader or more senior memberof the project team, prepare timely and comprehensive draft monitoring reportsand include recommendations for corrective actions where required ensuringthese corrective actions and recommendations are brought to the attention ofmore senior team members;


Qualifications and Skills:

Bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree preferred or equivalentexperience in the areas of expertise.

Quantitative/numerical skills are critical with the abilityto interpret financial information and to design and use financial models.

Credit analysis skills, with the ability to interpretaccounts, understanding local and international accounting principles andpractice of credit analysis.

Computer literacy, conversant with Microsoft Office andspread sheet packages.

Good financial modelling skills.

Good understanding of relevant systems and processes.

Ability to work effectively as a team member and todeadlines and under time pressure.

Professional qualification such as ACA, CFA, ACCA, or CIMAdesirable.

Good written and oral communication skills in English andChinese.

Experience & Knowledge:

Relevant financial industry experience from an investment orcommercial bank, private equity firm, asset management firm, orauditing/financial consulting firm operating to international standards ispreferred.





职位:Graduate Marketing Specialist with language skills

描述:Languagematters is looking for enthusiastic graduates tojoin a global social news platform based in Central London as marketingspecialists on a permanent basis. If you have graduated from university with adegree related to media/journalism/news/writing/marketing then this could bethe perfect opportunity for you. If you also have other languages on top ofnative level English then this is beneficial.

The global social news company creates its content throughfreelance writers and journalists around the world; they are currently activein over 30 countries with nearly 1 million writers and are looking to expandmuch further. As a marketing specialist, you would be involved in increasingthe UK market share by developing the number of freelancers contributing newsto the platform from the UK. During your time you will develop and implementmarketing strategies to increase the member base, as well as encourage users toregularly contribute to the site. The marketing specialist will be managingcommunities of freelancers, supporting them when needed, and ensuring highquality content is published on the website.


English to native level, with any other European languages(beneficial)

Degree educated with an interest in news and media

Any previous experience within marketing/journalismpreferred

Excellent writing skills

You will need to be enthusiastic, hardworking, and have apassion for marketing and social news.