豪华游轮Viking Cruises招聘:礼宾部经理

2016-09-30 IDEABOXES

公司:Viking Cruises
职位:Lead Travel Concierge
性质:Permanent, Full-time


礼宾部经理需根据维京外展中国市场专业服务准则( VRCPSO ),充分保证客人的满意度,协调所有岸上游览活动,组织客人的娱乐节目和遵守产品说明所包括所有程序和服务。


•   登船和离船的组织
•   确保接送运作顺畅(接送/行理/时间)
•   与机场代表协调,并协助乘客的旅游事宜
•   处理/填写巡航报告,岸上报告(如适用),以及每天日程
•   管理和归档供应商凭证,处理与船上预订
•   组织客人信息文件(城市地图/说明书/讲义/欢迎信/问卷调
•   根据巡航设定和客人的需要,筹备和展示客人娱乐活动
•   负责所有的公开声明(包括驾驶室解说)
•   促进和协助客人船上的邮轮预订
•   监管礼宾部服务台
•   接收和处理客人的投诉及宾客私人游览。在客人的自由时间提供食品/餐厅,购物和活动建议及岸上观光
•   协调所有游览,包括音响设备
•   与当地供应商联络(确认预订,巴士,导游......)
•   在岸上游览前指导和简短交待当地导游
•   陪同客人进行所有的游览和出游(有或没有当地导游)
•   控制和负责游览的监测和质量


•   礼宾部经理需承诺在离开维京后,不能将公司的信息,产品手册,业务发展和EDP数据信息,透露给任何第三方,或公开,或
•   在其违反上述指令的情况下,本公司保留要求赔偿损失,以及采取对其采取法律行动的权利。
•   行为和外观符合VRC PSO的规则和条例。


•   有酒店/旅游行业相关的教育学历
•   最少有3年礼宾部管理经验
•   有国外经验/船上或豪华酒店行业经验者优先
•   标准的普通话,英语或其他语言技能都具优势
•   服务导向,专注客人需要
•   必须可独立工作,深厚的电脑知识
•   优秀的管理,组织和沟通能力
•   个性积极友善,外观整洁
•   有柔韧性和抗逆能力和团队合作精神

Purpose Of Position

You ensure fullest guest satisfaction, communicate with our partners on shore side, coordinate all shore-excursion activities, organisation of guest entertainment programs and compliance with the product book and all included programs and services.

Assignments / Responsibilities

•   Organisationof embarkation and disembarkation
•   Ensuring smooth operation of transfers (transfer / luggage / times)
•   Coordination of airport representative and assisting with passenger travels
•   Handling / filing of cruise, land (if applicable) reports & daily program
•Managing and filing vendor vouchers & onboard bookings
•   Organizing guest information documents (city maps / brochures / hand outs, welcome letter, questionnaires)
•   Organisingand presenting guest entertainment (games / lectures / presentations) according to the cruise layout & active guest relation
•   Responsible for all public announcements (including bridge commentary)
•   Facilitating and assisting guests with onboard cruise bookings
•   Travel Concierge desk hours in accordance with the tour layout
•   Receipt and handling of guest complaints & private guest excursions

•   Offer advice on food / restaurants, shopping, and activities during free time

Shore Excursion

•   Coordination of all excursions including audio equipment
•   Liaising with local suppliers (reconfirmation of reservations, busses, guides…)
•   Instructing and briefing local guides prior to shore-excursion
•   Accompanying of all excursions and walks (with or without local guides)
•   Controlling and monitoring of implementation and quality of the excursions


•   The holder of the position undertakes not to pass over the company’s information, manuals, information on business developments and EDP data to any third party or publicize or retain same for personal use after leaving the job
•   The company reserves the right to demand compensation for damages in the event of a breach of this instruction and take legal action against the staff
•   Conduct and appearance in accordance with the rules and regulations of Viking China Outbound

Qualification Profile

•   Graduated education within hotel / tourism industry
•   Min. 3 years professional experience in a management position / tour guidance
•   International experience / experience on a ship or the luxury hotel industry is an asset
•   Excellent Mandarin, fluent in English, other languages are an asset
•   Service oriented and guest focused
•   Must work independently, profound computer knowledge
•   Excellent management, organisationaland communication skills
•   Positive personality, friendly and neat appearance
•   Stress resistance, flexibility, team player

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