2016-10-06 曼拓教育

Some people think that universities should provide knowledge and skills related to future career. Others think the true function of the university is to give access to knowledge for its own sake. What is your opinion?
题目中用红色部分标注出来的为关键字,在这两方观点中,不难看出第一个观点比较好写,而且题目中的要求非常明确knowledge and skills,也就是意味着两个supporting ideas分别针对知识和技能就可以啦。这里为大家提供几个topic sentences:
1. One compelling reason for this is that all the contemporary occupations nowadays are task specific, which makes it a necessity for workers to be able to comply with every job requirement.

2. It is also beyond doubt that most jobs would require employees to do a lot of multi-tasking and to be capable of meeting deadlines while conducting project work.

3. If graduates are equipped with desired knowledge and skills, they are more likely to be successfully employed owing to the fact that they can handle most of their jobs well as compared to those who lack certain knowledge in the work field.
相反地,另一个角度就比较难找观点而且要从access knowledge的角度出发,仍然在这里给大家提供几个topic sentences:
1. There is also a case for advocating that the main task of universities is to provide their students an access to a vast amount of learning materials and other resources for their own learning and analysing.

2. Universities should focus on teaching each subject covering a wide spectrum of knowledge and let students choose the specific discipline of interest to them.