2016-09-26 合肥加拿大国际学校

The 2016 University of Waterloo Mathematics Competitions were written by students from the Canadian International School of Hefei.


In the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Competition the winner in the school is Lucas Noh.

在加拿大中级数学竞赛中本学校的获胜者是Lucas Noh.

In the Canadian Senior Math Competition the winner in the school is Soonchan Kwon. 

在加拿大高级数学比赛中本学校的获胜者是Soonchan Kwon.

The year 2016 marked the fourteenth year that the Fryer, Galois and Hypatia Contests have been written. The FGH Contests are designed to give students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 an additional mathematical challenge during the school year, and one that requires full written solutions. Being able to do mathematics is an important skill; being able to communicate one’s findings (in mathematics or in any other field) is also very important. 

2016年是Fryer, Galois 和 Hypatia竞赛的第十四个年头。 FGH (Fryer, Galois and Hypatia)竞赛旨在给9,10,11年级学生在学年中一个额外的数学挑战,这个竞赛要求学生给出完整的书面解答。能解答数学题是一个非常重要的技能;都沟通个人的研究结果(在数学或者任何其他领域)也是非常重要的。

The Pascal ( Grade 9 ) , Cayley   ( Grade 10)    Fermat ( Grade 11)  Contests were written by more than 62, 000 students from over 1500 schools.

Pascal (9年级),Cayley(10年级),Fermat ( 11年级)竞赛有超过1500所学校的62,000名学生参加。

Certificates of Distinction are awarded to students ranking in the top 25% of all contestants in each contest ( a mark of at least 101 in the Pascal, at least 106 in the Cayley and  106 in the Fermat.) 

荣誉证书是颁发给每个比赛中排名前25%的参赛学生 (Pascal成绩高于101分, Cayley高于106分 ,Fermat高于106)。

Medals for the top student in each contest in our school were awarded provided that at least 87 has been obtained in the Pascal , at least  92  in the Cayley and 93 in the Fermat. 


Thank you very much to our Math teachers Mr. Upshall and Mr.  Ellis  for preparing our students. CISH believes these contests provide students with Mathematical stimulation and enjoyment. 

非常感谢我们的数学老师Mr. Upshall 和Mr. Ellis 给我们的学生准备数学竞赛,合肥加拿大国际学校相信这些比赛能为学生提供数学相关的激励和愉悦。

Here is the Math Competition Poster we made for all the winners: