【EducationUSA活动】10月12日, 周三, 晚6:30-8:30,美国顶尖大学是如何评估国际学生申请的

2016-10-07 美国驻华大使馆


2016-10-12, 星期三, 晚6:30 到 8:30


北京市朝阳区安家楼路55号 (美国大使馆东门)

名校往往意味着超低的录取率,“highly selective”的学校的录取率往往不到10%,甚至更低。想要了解名校的招生官如何评估申请人资质和潜力吗?EducationUSA China有幸请来了Cornell University和 University of Chicago 的招生办公室主任,面对面为您介绍名校在招生时考量的重点,以及如何准备这些学校的申请材料。


Top-ranking universities mean low acceptance rates. “Highly selective” schools usually admit less than 10% or less of the applicants. Ms. Susie Schneider, Associate Director of Admissions from Cornell University, an Ivy-league school, and Ms. Carol Lin Murphy, Associate Director of College Admissions from University of Chicago and Mr. Simon Nascimento, representative for University of Chicago, will meet prospective students and talk about how they evaluate international applications and what kinds of students they are looking for.

This program will be conducted in English.


NOTE: This event is open to the general public. Audio or video recording of the program will not be permitted. Press inquiries should be directed to the U.S. Embassy Press Office.


You must bring a valid photo ID and your registration confirmation email in order to get into the Beijing American Center (BAC). Large bags will not be allowed into the program area of BAC.


You must arrive at the Embassy BAC entrance no later than half an hour of the program starting time for check in. You will NOT be admitted if you arrive half an hour after the program has started.


For security reasons, the BAC staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.

地点:北京市朝阳区安家楼路55号 (美国大使馆东门)。

Location: No. 55 An Jia Lou Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (East Gate of the U.S. Embassy).

交通:地铁10号,亮马桥站B出口,向东北步行至天泽路和安家楼路交汇处, 签证处北侧。

Directions: Metro Line 10, Liangmaqiao Station Exit B, walk northeast to the Tian Ze Road intersection of An Jia Lou Road, north side of the Visas Office.

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