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Describe Image
- 第一个:Paper making process

- 第二个:超级无敌常见的音乐download(这已经是是小编9-10月看到的第五次回忆了)

- 第三个:High LG,low LG的原题,甩出来大家看看。也是相当高频

- 第四个: 我已经不想再见到这幅图了,这个小编都已经会说了。。。你要考试还不会说这道题吗?

第五个:Age group in UK

Retell Lecture

1. Dimensions  
Dimension means how many points(or parameters) that required to describe a position. 维度是用来描述一个位置的参数。
If describe a position on equator, then just need one parameter, that is longitude.在赤道上描述位置要用经度。同样的也需要维度(latitude). 如果要描述地球上方的位置,需要海拔高度altitudes。同样的如果要描述一个空间位置,还需要take time into account,要用四维 4th parameter。

2. H&L licking grooming
Some mother rats spend a lot of time licking, grooming, and nursing their pups. Others seem to ignore their pups. Highly nurtured rat pups tend to grow up to be calm adults, while rat pups who receive little nurturing tend to grow up to be anxious. The offspring of High LG rats have better ability to deal with  stress and alcohol,but low LG didn’t.
3. 拿破仑三世改造巴黎
Napoleon 3 instructed Haussmann, to bring air and light to the centre of the city. To unify the different neighbourhoods with boulevards, and to make the city more beautiful. The avenue de l’Opera, created by Haussmann painted by Camille Pissarro.
 Renovation of Paris: the renovation is a grand project major in Paris. This project first commissioned by Napoleon the third and he aimed to change the Medieval Paris into a cleaner and brighter city. He also planted more trees and drained the sewages to make the city suitable for people to drink coffee now.

Read Aloud

Answer Short Questions 

What do you wear in winter to protect hands: gloves.






第二篇:Scholars是不是要travel study

Summarise spoken text
1. 声音接受器Sound receptor
The lecture is about sound receptor. The speaker mentioned about how beautiful it is and it appears to be the spiky and flappy thing in the ear. It can translate vibrational energy from the ear drum into physical motion throughout the fluid, and then into electrical signal. The speaker in the end invites MIT student to learn more about it as they think it as a remarkable device.

2. (9月29号重复题)

Female novelist 女小说家
 A female desired to become a novelist when she was young, and spent 10-12 years to make her dream come true. Before that time, though she always wanted to write novel, she remained a non-fictionist until one day she had a dream in which she met with another famous female novelist. This inspired her a lot, and she started writing novel in 1990, and in 1992, the first chapter named ‘the secret life of bees’ of her first novel was finished.



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