Organics: The Good, The Bad and The Business Opportunity

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Joint Committee Event

Organics: The Good, The Bad and The Business Opportunity

Join a special discussion on Organics: The Good, The Bad and the Business Opportunity on Wednesday, June 1 from 08:00-09:30 at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Center

Over the past few decades, a rise in consumer income in China has not only led to a growth in food production quantity, but has also generated a new dialogue on food quality. Organic and natural farming methods have been cast in the spotlight as a potential solution for consumers seeking products that are safe for human health as well as the environment. 

Join Eric Stryson, Managing Director of the Global Institute for Tomorrow (GIFT), Peter Huang, Business Director, Greater China, DuPont and Scott Minoie, Founder, Element Fresh for a discussion that will explore:

  • Benefits, risks and misconceptions of organic and natural food production and consumption in China

  • Shifting consumer attitudes and implications for companies operating in the food value chain

  • Potential business opportunities and scalable models in the organic and natural farming industries


08:00   Registration
08:15   Presentation by Eric Stryson
08:30   Moderated Panel Discussion
09:15   Q&A
09:30   Event Ends

Date:    Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Time:    08:00-09:30

Venue:  AmCham Shanghai Conference Center

Cost:    Member (RMB): 0.00  |  Non-Member (RMB): 100.00

RSVP:   Please click “Read More” to RSVP

This event is brought to you by AmCham Shanghai’s Food, Agriculture and Beverage and Environmental Committees. For more information on how you can get involved with these Committees, please contact

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