Spotlight Session: Comprehensive Cloud Security System

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May 23, Monday, 14:00-16:00. AmCham Shanghai Conference Center (Free Session)

The enterprise IT infrastructure requires a full range of integrated business services. Cloud Computing is born at the right time, which is more reliable than traditional platforms and can help enterprises reduce cost, maximize flexibility and provide professional service in enterprise-grade security, privacy and availability.

With more and more enterprises starting to develop Cloud Computing, information security has become a big hidden trouble. How can we create a comprehensive cloud security system to avoid trouble and drive our business in high availability? Stephen Leung from China Entercom will share the most advanced cloud security trends and solutions with you.

  • Current situation, value and trends of cloud services

  • What can we do to create a comprehensive cloud security system for enterprises

  • Data center is an important infrastructure to carry cloud services. High-speed, stable and large bandwidth network (EtherCONNECT) is an important medium to connecting business with a reliable data center provider.

About the Speakers

Stephen Leung is the Business Director of Sales at China Entercom where he is responsible for supervising the company’s IDC Business in Mainland China. Prior to China Entercom, Mr. Leung was at CITIC Telecom CPC where he was Sales Director for the Hong Kong region. He brings to China Entercom extensive experience with Hong Kong and Global enterprises, including local presences of international corporations such as Deloitte, Deutsche Bank and Disneyland.

Mr. Leung's diverse experience also spans banking, IT and telecommunications, as well as the corporate market. This rich background supports his ability to help China Entercom’s sales teams to better understand customer needs from multiple angles.

Robin Fu, over 14 years in IT field, covering Cloud Computing, Data Centre, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service, ISO 20000&27001, etc.


14:00 Registration and networking
14:30 Session begins
15:30 Q&A 
16:00 Session ends

To register for this event, please RSVP online. For more information, please contact Kelly Deng at (+86 21) 6279-7119 ext. 4580 or email


在信息爆炸时代,企业数据呈几何级数增长,企业 IT 建设面临前所未有的挑战,云计算应运而生,相较于传统 IT 平台,云计算不仅能助力企业大幅降低运营成本,全面提升灵活性,还能提高企业级的信息安全保护,保密性以及高可用性。

随着越来越多的企业部署云计算,企业信息安全成了 IT 建设面临的重大隐患。我们如何建设一个全方位的安全体系来避免这些隐患并确保业务的高可用性?中企网络通信技术有限公司将与我们分享最前沿的云端安全趋势以及解决方案:

  • 云端安全现状,趋势以及价值

  • 如何为企业建立一个全方位的云端安全体系

  • 云数据中心以及高速稳定的 EtherCONNECT 如何支撑企业云端安全体系建设


Mr. Stephen Leung 现任中企通信商务总监,负责中国大陆地区的 IDC 业务。加入中企通信之前,梁先生曾是中信国际电讯 CPC 香港地区业务的销售总监。

他带给中企通信与香港本土企业和全球企业的丰富合作经验, 这些合作公司包括德勤, 德意志银行和迪斯尼乐园等。

梁先生多样化的实施经验横跨了银行业、 IT 和电信领域以及企业市场。丰富的行业背景支持他帮助中企通信的销售团队能从多个角度更好地理解客户需求。

付金成, 超过 14 年的 IT 经验,熟悉云计算,数据中心,业务持续和灾难恢复计划及 ISO 20000 &27001 等。

Walk-in and Cancellation Policy:

  • This event requires confirmation of attendance in advance. If you attend without prior registration, you will be charged an RMB50 "walk-in" fee as a member and an RMB100 as a non-member.

  • Cancellation: If you need to cancel your registration, please notify Kelly Deng no less than 24 hours in advance.

  • To secure a seat, please arrive on time. Open seats will be released to other guests 15 minutes after the event starts.

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