【Language Snacks]】第八期:In two minds

2016-05-30 英国大使馆文化教育处

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本期我们看in two minds




A: What are we going to buy Donna for her birthday? She'll be 15 next Saturday.

B: I've got no idea about teenagers! What do you think?

A说我in two minds,想买一个CD或者直接给她钱自己选礼物。好难决定啊!B说年轻人很难有固定喜爱的音乐,所以钱可能更实用。A表示赞同。

A: Well, I'm in two minds. I thought about buying her a CD, but I'm not sure which she'd like. On the other hand, if I give her money, she can choose one herself. I can't decide.

B: I think it's safer to just give her the money. Teenagers change their favourite music every week!

A: Hmm, perhaps you're right.



Should you have tea or coffee? Go out or stay at home? Keep your hair long or get it cut? When you can't decide between two alternatives, you can say that you are in two minds. A variation is to say that you are caught in two minds

“In two minds”就是犹豫不决、下不了决心的意思。相信这样的情景我们经常都会碰到吧?另外一种说法是” be caught in two minds”,也是“拿不定主意”的意思。


I'm in two minds about what to do right now actually. It's a lovely day outside and I really should go out for some fresh air. But, on the other hand, there's a great football game on TV this afternoon! 



If you are in two minds, this means:

a) you can't decide

b) you have made a decision

c) you have a headache

答案: a)


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