2016-10-11 曼拓教育

在这里为各位考生提供一个Part 2的考题的范文。此范文是一位英国的雅思老师所提供,表达方式十分地道,但是范文过长,考生不可以完全照搬。当中的地道的表达方式如果学起来确实可以让你的答案脱颖而出。所以在这里还会为大家仔细分析一下范文中的好的表达方式,以供大家参考。
Describe a big company you are interested in.
You should say:
What is the company called?
How did you know this company?
What kind of business this company does?
And what kinds of interesting activities does the company have?
The company is called Bravissimo. I used to live in a town called Leamington Spa, which is in Warwickshire in the UK, and that is where the company started out, and where its head office is still based. Essentially, they are ‘just’ a lingerie retailer i.e. they sell women’s underwear, but what makes them unusual, is that they cater exclusivelyforerm, well let’s say, the more ‘curvaceous’ figure. They sell bras in larger D+ cup sizes. The company was born from one woman’s frustration at being unable to find a decent comfortable and well-fitting bra when her body shape changed during pregnancy. She and a friend decided they couldn’t be alone in struggling to get quality lingerie appropriate for their size, so they went on a small business course, and with the help of a modest grant set up their own company sourcing and selling lingerie by mail order.
1. start out: to begin to do something, especially in business or work
e.g. My friend started out on her teaching career last year. (小心介词的用法哦)
2. head office is based in…这里的名词词组和动词搭配都很地道要比考生经常用的 be located in 好上很多。
3. cater for: 迎合, to provide the things that a particular person or situation needs or wants. 这个动词词组很多同学应该都不陌生,但是就我个人经验而言却很少有学生去用它,总是用satisfy,suit 一类动词。所以,我们也看的出,往往不是我们的词汇量不够,而是根本就想不起来使用。
4. curvaceous: 这个单词就比较少见了,形容词,常用语口语,意思是女性体型富于曲线美的。
5. company is born from…是否从来没有觉得company还可以和born这个动词搭配啊,或者就是想用也不敢,所以我们这里看公司诞生于一个想法。
6. decent comfortable and well-fitting: 这一组修饰衣服的平行结构非常好用,可以适用于任何和clothing相关的题目,而且decent修饰comfortable也是地道的很啊。
7. struggle to: to try very hard to do something when it is difficult or when there are a lot of problems. Struggle的另外一个固定搭配是:struggle for something,意思与struggle to一样。
8. appropriate size: 固定搭配,适合的衣服的号码。所以同学们可以扔掉像correct size这样的表达发了。
9. modest grant: 固定搭配,一个与资金相关的词组,非常实用,意思是“适当额度的贷款”。
除此之外,这位作者还提供了一个很好用的filler:erm, well let’s say. 它的作用和‘well’, ‘you know’是一样的,既可以填补短句之间的空档,让句子听上去更流畅。也可以让你说的东西更口语话,更自然。