2016-10-13 合肥加拿大国际学校

This coming Sunday, 16 October 2016, Mr. Mark will be competing at the Ironman 70.3 event being held here in Hefei.  The race starts at Swan Lake, and ends at the Hefei Wanda Culture and Tourism Resort Theme Park.

2016年10月16号这个周日,Mr. Mark将参加在合肥举办的Ironman 70.3 铁人三项比赛。比赛的起点在政务区天鹅湖,终点在万达城主题乐园门区。

Mr. Mark started training for triathlon when he arrived in China in 2014.  A former competitive cyclist, he is no stranger to hard work and understands the basis of a good training program.  With the help of Mr. Cochrane, Mr. Mark prepared for his first triathlon in May of 2015.  He currently trains approximately 12 hours a week.

在2014年Mr. Mark到达中国以后他开始进行三项全能运动的训练。作为一个前竞技自行车运动者,他知道努力锻炼的重要性也理解 训练项目的基本要领。在Mr.Cochrane的帮助下在2015年的5月他参加了他的第一个铁人三项赛。目前他每周要进行差不多12小时的训练。

Throughout the 2016 season, Mr. Mark has had some good results.  However, his whole season has been organized around this race in Hefei.  He even turned down his invitation to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships to focus on this event.

整个2016赛季Mr.Mark有不错的成绩。当然他的整个赛季都是围绕着本次合肥的比赛组织安排的。他甚至还婉拒了参加Ironman 70.3世界锦标赛的邀请为了更专注本次合肥举办的比赛。

The race is 70.3 miles, or 113 kilometers, in length.  It begins with a 1.9 km swim in Swan Lake.  This is followed by a 90 km bike out to the Chaohu Lake area.  The last section is a 21.1 km run along the shore of the lake.  The finish line is at the Hefei Wanda Culture and Tourism Resort Theme Park .

比赛全长是70.3 英里或113公里。比赛的第一个项目是1.9公里的天鹅湖游泳比赛,紧接着的是90公里的往巢湖区域的自行车赛。最后一项是21.1公里的沿湖长跑。终点在合肥万达主题乐园门区。

If you'd like to come out and see some of the race and cheer Mr. Mark on, the maps of the course are below.  If everything runs as scheduled, these are projected times for Mr. Mark for the various sections of the course:

如果您想要来看比赛并为Mr.Mark 加油的话,我们下面附上了整个赛程的地图供您参考。如果一切都按计划进行,下面是Mr.Mark在赛程中进行各项比赛的预计时间:

7:45am - race start                          

上午7:45 比赛开始

8:30am - swim finish/begin bike    

上午8:30 游泳比赛结束/开始自行车比赛

11:00am - bike finish/begin run      

上午11:00 自行车比赛结束/开始长跑比赛

12:45pm - run finish                          

中午12:45 跑步比赛结束

There is a free shuttle bus for spectators that runs on Sunday should you wish to see the finish.  From 8:30am to 10:00am, the shuttle bus runs from the Northwest corner of Swan Lake Park on Fo Zi Ling Road to Wanda City.  From 12:00pm to 9:30pm, the shuttle bus runs between the venues for athletes and spectators.

周日会有免费的摆渡车提供给观众。从8:30到10:00 摆渡车从天鹅湖西北角靠近佛子岭路到万达城。从12:00到晚上9:30摆渡车将继续对运动员和观众开放,并往返于天鹅湖和万达城的不同场地。

Please keep in mind anything can happen when racing.  Athletes are not allowed to accept any kind of help, regardless of circumstance.  It is also not permitted for spectators to run or ride alongside athletes during the competition.  Mr. Mark will be happy to say hello once he crosses the finish line.

希望您了解在比赛中任何事都有可能发生。不管什么情况下运动员是不允许接收任何形式的帮助的。观众也是不允许在比赛中和参赛者一起跑步或者骑自行车。到达终点以后,Mr. Mark会很乐意和您打招呼。

Mr. Mark would like to thank Dr. Francis Pang, Mme DuJuan, Mrs. Peggy Gorman-Mitchell, Mr. Alan Norman, and Mr. Doug Cochrane.  None of this would have been possible without their continued support.

Mr.Mark很想感谢彭建华董事长,杜鹃女士,Mrs. Mitchell 女士,Mr. Norman 先生 和Mr. Cochrane 先生。如果没有他们一直的支持,所有的一切都不可能如此顺利地进行。

We hope to see you out there on Sunday!