Australia-China “She Inspires Me” Photo Competition

2019年03月11日 澳大利亚驻成都总领事馆

How do you capture the inspirational achievements of women in a single photo? That’s our challenge to you! The Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu, in partnership with Fotor, is delighted to announce the “She Inspires Me” photo competition will accept entries from 8 March to 15 April 2019.

We want you to provide us with a photograph that shares the story of the inspiring women in your community who are making a difference. Snap the perfect photo, add a short description of how this person inspires you, and help build closer friendship and understanding between Australia and China.

Winners from both Australia and China will have the opportunity to have their photos exhibited, with one grand prize winner from each country to win flights between Melbourne and Chengdu, sponsored by Sichuan Airlines. Selected runners-up will receive two bottles of fine Australian wine.

The competition will run from 8 March to 15 April 2019 and
entry is free. It will be hosted, managed and moderated by Fotor, an international photographic competition platform for desktop and mobile devices. 

She Inspires Me

- How to Enter? -

1. Download the Fotor App from the Apple App Store or Google Play

2. Navigate to the 'She Inspires Me' competition under 'Events' 
3. Submit your photograph with a caption of 50-100 words for a chance to win! 

Example Entries 

She Inspires Me

- Tammy Ven Dange -

“Tammy Ven Dange (pictured above) inspires me because she excels at anything she sets her mind to do. She ran an animal shelter in Canberra, worked for NASA, volunteered in Africa, owned several companies, helped found not-for-profit enterprises, and represented Australia three times as a dragon boat paddler.”

She Inspires Me

- Glenda Gauci -

“Glenda Gauci (pictured above) inspires me because she was the first Asian Australian woman appointed as an ambassador of Australia. Smart, energetic and kind, Glenda was a role model and a mentor. She died of mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos fibres, at just 47 years old.”

She Inspires Me

- Julie Song -

“Julie Song (pictured above) shows that women can have successful careers as well as a rich and meaningful life. Apart from rowing, photography and travelling, Julie has fostered guide dogs, raised donations for a school destroyed by an earthquake, and helped with rock art preservation. There is nothing that Julie can’t do.”


She Inspires Me

- Paige -

“Paige (pictured above) epitomises the modern Chengdu woman – capable, independent and cosmopolitan. She runs her own business providing interpreting and training services. Her work builds understanding between Chengdu and the rest of the world, contributing to the city’s ongoing opening and internationalisation. Paige is passionate about photography and travel.”

Click here to learn about the competition in Chinese.

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