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2017年01月20日 美国驻华大使馆




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Workshop on:Howto Make Your Students Leaders (and Why It Is Important to Do So)


One of the most important ways wecan inspire students to be more responsible, engaged, interested and motivatedis to place them in positions of leadership during our courses. In thisworkshop, we will discuss how to prepare students to be leaders and how tocoach them into the type of leadership that is best for the classroom setting.We will also discuss what types of projects work well with leadership and howto rotate leadership so that everyone gets a turn. Finally, instructors willhave the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be a leader and aparticipant in this type of classroom setting. This workshop is intended forinstructors who are teaching middle school, high school and college-levelstudents.


Date: Thursday,Feb 9, 2017

Time:2:00 to 4:00 P.M.


EnglishLanguage Fellow Bio


Brandon M. Dowd is a current English Language Fellow atHunan First Normal University in Changsha, China. He earned a Master of Arts inLanguage, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies with an endorsement in TESOL fromthe University of New Mexico in 2013. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts inAnthropology in 2002 from the University of New Mexico. Brandon has taught at abroad range of institutions including a community college, university, refugeecenter, and intensive English centers and has over four years of teachingexperience in China and six in the United States. He is most interested in thesociocultural aspect of language learning and in how students from China canmaximize their communicative experience both in- and outside of the classroom.




This event is ONLY opento English teachers and professionals. The seminar will be conducted inEnglish. Audio or video recording of the program will not be permitted.



You must bring both yourvalid photo ID and registration confirmation page in order to get into BAC.Large bags will not be allowed into BAC for this event. Please do NOT wait inthe visa applicant line.Please wait in line bythe RED sign saying “American Citizen Service” at the East Gate of the embassy.


请于活动开始前30分钟到达现场。 活动开始30分钟后将不允许进入。如无法参加活动,请至少提前24小时在注册网站取消预约。否则,可能会影响今后的活动预约。

Please arrive 30 minutesearlier ahead of the start time. You will NOT be admitted if you arrive half anhour after the program has started. If you cannot show up for the event, pleasecancel your reservation from the Eventbrite website at least 24 hours ahead.Otherwise, for future events, we may cancel your reservations.



For security reasons,the BAC staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.

地点:北京市朝阳区安家楼路55号 (美国大使馆东门)。 
Location: No. 55 AnJia Lou Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (East Gate of the U.S. Embassy). 

Directions: MetroLine 10, Liangmaqiao Station Exit B, walk northeast to the Tian Ze Roadintersection of An Jia Lou Road, north side of the Visa Office. 





RELO(Regional English Language Office) 通过一系列英语教学项目协助东道国教育管理部门及教育机构加强英语能力建设。通过提升英语教师及专业人士的英语教学能力,以更好地培养可熟练运用英语进行国际交流与合作的人员。RELO资源中心汇集了专业的英语学习及教学资源。同时,RELO资源中心定期举办研讨会及工作坊等活动,内容涵盖东道国英语教师及专业人士较为关心的英语教学热门话题。详情请访问:http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn/relo2.html。


RELO works with professional teachers of English through aseries of programs focusing on capacity building of local ELT communities. RELOalso has a resource center providing a collection of state-of-the-artprofessional materials and holds professional development seminars on topics ofprofessional interest to the English teaching community. For moreinformation, see: http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn/relo2.html.






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