澳洲IT招聘第88期| 百度上海、DevOps Engineer、System Engineer 等高薪内推资格向你招手!

2018年10月24日 澳洲IT圈




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时长 | 5mins





门槛不高Entry Level职位

- 各大公司的Internship项目

- DevOps和 System Engineer等高薪职业机会








DevOps Engineer

Working location: Sydney

Salary: Competitive base on experience

Seniority Level: All level

Employment type: full-time permanent


Your role

  • The future is the cloud, right?  We agree completely. That'swhy we need you - an experienced DevOps Engineer and AWS specialist who canmanage our cloud infrastructure on AWS.

  • In this role as a DevOps Engineer, you will be joining ourengineering team to work on exciting new projects and own the architecture oftheir web infrastructure. You must have a passion for new technology and thrivein a fast paced environment.

  • You will be a big fan of automation, you will be responsible forcontinued development and role out of best practices for automation ofinfrastructure and application deployment across the business.

  • Ideally you will have significant experience in backend server sideprogramming, java/kotlin/Go is preferred and also be passionate about cloudinfrastructure and willing to learn more devops skills.


- DevOps and AWS experience and expertise

- Deep understanding of AWS services

- Bash scripting skills

- Experiences of setting up a secure system


- Strong scripting ability

- Contribute to the agile and test-driven engineering culture with creative problem-solving ability

Highly deisrable

- Terraform

- Docker

- Kubernetes

Send your resume to: 


Back End Engineer

Working location: Sydney

Salary: Competitive base on experience

Seniority Level: All level

Employment type: full-time permanent


Your role

We are looking for brilliant engineering mind but not limited to any particular technical background. However, we would love having engineers who have skills like java, c++, golang, kotlin etc as long as you are keen to learn to new technology skills and always willing to solve touch engineering problems.


- 3+ years experience as a backend software engineer

- Proficiency in any of java/c++/kotlin/go/scala, Microservices

- Exposure to either cloud computing, or highly transactional applications that runs on a similar environment (AWS experience is a big plus!)

- Solid computer science and engineering fundamentals including algorithm,  concurrency, multithreading, data structures, solution design, architecture, and design patterns.

- A startup mentality

Highly deisrable

Financial trading experiences

- DeVops experience

Send your resume to: 


System Engineer

Working location: Sydney

Salary: Competitive

Seniority Level: Junior - Mid level

Employment type: full-time permanent

High-growth start-up招募


Your Role 

We'rea fast growing, young start-up that are about to go into our second round offunding. We have a flat structure, we're upfront and honest and get workdone! 

We are transforming the way that howretail business trade in daily life. Our mission is to build a platform toprovide a smooth and easy-to-use O2O service which can be applied to any small business. If you are looking for a fast pacing dev team, this might be anopportunity for you.

  • The future is the cloud, right?  We agree completely.  That's why we need you - an experienced DevOps Engineer and AWS specialist who can manage our cloud infrastructure on AWS. 

  • Ideally you will have significant experiencein backend server side programming, java/kotlin is preferred and also bepassionate about cloud infrastructure and willing to learn more devops skills.

  • Mandarin is highly desirable


DevOps and AWS experience and expertise

Deep understanding of AWS services

Bash scripting skills

Experiences of setting up a secure system


Highly deisrable

- Terraform

- Docker

- Kubernetes

Send your resume to: 


Front End Engineer

Working location: Sydney

Salary: Competitive

Seniority Level: Junior - Mid level

Employment type: full-time permanent


Your role

  • Work with UX Designers and product ownersto build  next-generation web/mobileapplications with a focus on an extraordinary client-side experience

  • Build efficient front end abstractionsand systems

  • Participate in design and code reviews

  • Interact with back end systems

  • Work with other team members to build best practicesand methodologies for frontend engineering


- BS or MS degree in Computer Science /Software Engineering or a related field

- ExcellentJavaScript knowledge

- Experiencesin Frontend frameworks etc. React or AngularJs or Vue

- Deep Experience with  HTML5, CSS3, CSS etc andfamiliar with one of the UI frameworks such as Bootstrap or MaterialUI

- Knowledge in developingweb based applications

Highly deisrable

Any experience in ReactNative or other mobile development will be highly desirable

- Any experience in Wechat Open Platform development will be highly desirable

- Experience in CI & CD

- Experience in performance testing web applications

- Experience in Agile Development

Send your resume to: 



Controller Software Engineer Intern

Working location: Sydney

Employment type: Internship

Company: Big Switch Network

Your role

  •  Work with product and engineering teams to improve our SDN controller platform, based on the Floodlight SDN controller

  • Work with product and engineering teams to improve our SDN applications and develop new SDN applications, written on top of the Big Switch Networks SDN controller

  • We provide Lunches - free of charge to our employees.

  • We have on-site gym


- Experience developing server-side Java applications

- Experience developing Linux user-level applications




Working location: Shanghai

Company: Baidu


  • 根据客户需求和产品特性,负责广告素材的设计与制作,进行创意实现,设计图片、动画及剪辑视频

  • 分析客户投放数据,提供优化方案,对投放素材进行持续优化

  • 参与内外部沟通,应变不断变化的客户需求,设计制作不同种类风格的广告素材



-           大专以上学历,广告学、设计或相关专业

-           1年以上网页广告动画设计或平面设计工作经验,具有互联网美工经验


Send your resume to: 


Software Engineer (C#)

Working location: Melbourne

Seniority Level: Entry level

Company: Michael Page

Your Role

  • Elicit requirements for application logic and workflows from customers (typically OEMs) and Product Managers. 

  • Develop and test machine application software logic and user interfaces that are intuitive yet powerful and modular. 

  • Explore opportunities to add additional innovative features above and beyond those explicitly required, which can delight the customer. 

  • Provide Field Application Engineers, Product Managers, and Sales Personal with knowledge of features and workflows within developed Application Software products. 

  • Contribute to the Software Product backlogs and Hardware Product roadmaps.


- Tertiary degree in relevant Engineering field. 

- Experience with programming languages such as C#.

- Understanding of modern software design principles and patterns. 

- Knowledge of CNC motion control system architecture and technologies. 

- Excellent communication and teamwork skills. Preferred 

- Machine application software domain knowledge. 

- Experience in user interface design. 

- Demonstrated experience in interfacing directly with customers.



.Net Developer 
Working location: Melbourne
Salary: $600 per Day
Employment type: Full-time

Company: Robert Half

Your Role

Reporting to the Software Development manager the purpose of the .NET Developer will work closely with a small team to deliver a critical project using modern .NET technologies such as .NET Core 2.0.


5 years working with MS .NET Frameworks

- .NET 4.5

- .NET Core

- SQL Server

- Angular JS / Angular 2.0

- HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

- AWS, Docker, Jira (Nice to have)



Web Developer Internship 
Working location: Melbourne
Seniority Level: Internship

Company: GTRS

Your Role

  • new project build outs

  • major feature creation or enhancement

  • design prototyping

  • technical collaboration

  • estimating

  • all around front-end goodness


 A can-do attitude

- Strong grasp of semantic HTML and CSS based design

- Knowledge with JavaScript frameworks such as Prototype or jQuery

- Understanding CSS grid systems and best practices

- Knowledge building flexible & easy to maintain responsive websites

- modern browsers (edge releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE)

- Knowledgee with additional web programming languages (PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, etc.)

- Knowledge beyond jQuery with object-oriented, modular Javascript frameworks (Backbone.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, etc.)

- Knowledge with CSS pre-compilers (LESS, SASS, Stylus)

- Knowledge with GIT 











- 有Business, Marketing, Advertising等相关专业背景者优先;

- 对市场和客户需求有一定敏感性;

- 思维敏捷,创意独特,文笔流畅,逻辑性强,工作风格细致认真,执行力强;








  • 负责设计并制作公司宣传手册,负责公司公众号、网站美化;

  • 独立负责平面设计的资料整编,思路的发想、图形开发、设计提案;

  • 根据创意要求进行设计制作任务,确保设计符合要求;

  • 其他与平面设计相关的工作任务


- 专业不限,有相关设计作品或工作经验者优先;

- 思路清晰,有良好的表达能力;

- 有一定的审美能力,有自己的设计的创意和想法;

- 熟练使用Photoshop、AI等平面设计相关软件;

- 有良好的表达沟通能力、学习能力、接受能力及较好的综合素质;

- 工作态度认真负责



HR Generalist

Working location: Brisbane Inner Suburb

Employment type: Full-time

Your Role

To support a team of engineers, we’re seeking an experienced HR Generalist to ensure our operation and expansion in Australia run as smooth as possible. If you are a flexible person who is willing to join a energetic international start-up, this is the right company for you. This position may involve any of the following responsibilities:

  • All aspects of regional recruitment, from CV screening to on boarding and orientation

  • Working with the insurance brokers on employee compensation and benefits

  • Implementing HR policies and initiatives

  • Maintaining employee information in HR databases to ensure preparedness for reports and audits

  • Participating in any HR projects and initiatives to support business objectives

  • Admin work related

Skills & Experience

3 years of HR work experience.

- Strong knowledge of Australian employment laws and practices.

- Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written.

- Not afraid to perform hands-on work with initiative and integrity.

- Tactful in handling sensitive or confidential situations and information.

- Bachelor or Master degree, ideally in Human Resource Management, Business Administration, or a related field.

- Experience in IT industry would be a plus.

Send your resume to: 


Graphic Designer Internship

Location: Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

Employment type: part-time intern

Your role

A Brisbane based company is seeking one interns to work within their highly-motivated and enthusiastic team. Interns will gain exposure and industry experience whilst assisting with the production by the Marketing team across a variety of platforms and mediums. This is a 6-month unpaid internship, pre-internship training is provided.

- Ability to use Photoshop to do a simple design
- Good at using social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, etc.

- Good at or keen on arranging weddings and other events or parties

- Adequate English level

- Ability to work in a team and individually

- Keen to learn

- A can-do attitude

Send your resume to: 



.Net Developer

Location: Brisbane

Seniority Level: Entry level

Salary: $120,000 +super

Company: Blackroc

Your role

Do you strive to ensure you follow proper engineering principles? Are you excited by the idea of taking a household name and overhauling both their customer facing and in-house technology? This is the opportunity for you.


.NET Core

- Microservices architecture

- RESTful APIs and services

- Building applications that make use of AWS (EC2, RDS, ECS, S3 etc.)

- Working in a commercial software engineering environment that actually practices TDD, CI/CD and Agile




 Marketing Intern

地点: Sydney

公司: 澳洲IT匠人圈


  • 负责匠人品牌营销策略的制定与执行(包括并不限于新媒体内容创作、渠道运营、用户运营和活动运营等);

  • 提升匠人的品牌影响力和关注度,在市场上形成匠人独立的发声渠道;

  • 统筹内外部资源,在线上线下多个渠道塑造匠人的品牌形象,开拓市场,并对转化负责;

  • 利用在校/地区优势,寻找可能合作的资源,带动社群流量,拉新促活转化。

  • 每周20小时,工作时间弹性大且可网上远程办公


- 熟悉品牌营销工作职责,了解基本的推广、运营渠道和路径;

- 具备一定的文字功底、懂得如何通过文案创作吸引目标受众;

- 思维活跃、行动力强、关注互联网热点,有出色的学习能力、创新能力和系统思考能力;

- 具有团队精神,能够与其他team member保持顺畅的沟通、交流并协作完成共同的team task;

- 认真严谨、对工作内容和目标尽职尽责,接受周末调休;

- 广告、传播等相关专业或有自媒体运营经验者优先;

- 熟练的书面、口语中英文

Send your resume and acedemic transcript to: 

Sydney: sydney@jiangren.com.au


地点: Brisbane

公司: 澳洲IT匠人圈


  • 负责各类宣传片剪辑与制作

  • 负责各类长、短视频、节目剪辑与包装特效制作


- 广告相关专业背景

- 有广告制作、视频剪辑的相关经验


- 精通Ae、Ps、Pr/Final等剪辑设计特效软件,熟悉C4D、MAYA、3DSMAX等三维软件者优先

- 对视频节目趋势与潮流发展有一定敏感性,脑洞需要足够大

- 必须要求团队意识强,有合作共赢精神

Send your resume to: 



Location: 全澳范围(接受远程授课)
Salary: Negotiable

自从澳洲IT匠人圈推出培训课程和一系列品牌活动以来,反响强烈,学员已经陆续收到了full-time offer。随着澳洲IT匠人圈不断发展壮大,现诚招IT导师若干,要求如下:

- You are the person that your colleagues naturally gravitate to when they are trying to figure something out.
- You are eager to shape the skills, minds, and careers of the newest generation of IT related fields.
- You have at least 3+ years of experience working on at least one of the following areas:
• 前端导师

• 数据方向导师
• Python导师
• 人工智能导师
• Career Coaching导师

Send your resume to 

Sydney: sydney@jiangren.com.au

Other areas: career@jiangren.com.au

IT Tutor

Location: 全澳范围(接受远程授课)

Salary: $30-$80/hour (based on personal ability)

Your role

Providing non-classroom, academic instruction to students on an individual or small-group basis for proactive or remedial purposes.


- A score above 80/100 for the course you are tutoring, and a overall GPA above 6/7 or 3.4/4
- Bachelor, Master or PhD degree. Majoring in IT, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or any related area
- Have fully completed at least 12 credits

Prefered Courses
  • C语言辅导

  • 人工智能

  • JAVA辅导老师

  • 数学辅导

  • 算法辅导

  • Networking辅导

  • 及其它学科

Send your resume to 

Sydney: sydney@jiangren.com.au

Other areas: career@jiangren.com.au



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