Melody of Youth--长春市实验中学国际部曲棍球大赛

2016-06-15 长春市实验中学加拿大高中


Melodyof Youth


曲棍球简史(Historyof Hockey)


Hockey,also known as field hockey, is one of the oldest Olympic sports and gloriousproject. The name Hockey was originated in French; it means a shepherd's crook.As one of the world's oldest sports, hockey initially appears as early as 1200or more than Olympic.

让优秀成为习惯我们正年轻-We are Young


OnePage of Yesterday

历时两个星期的曲棍球大赛终于落下帷幕,教师队伍最终获得了大赛的冠军,仿佛也重拾了属于自己的那份对青春的回忆。青春是多么美好的字眼,在那段没有失败没有烦恼只有梦想和奋斗的青葱岁月中,我们在人生的赛场上闪转腾挪,只为那最终的绽放。正如这次大赛一样,8支队伍,48位健儿为各自的目标而奋斗努力着。虽然冠军只有一个,但每个人都是赛场上受人尊敬的斗士。正如灌篮高手之父井上雄彦所说:青春就是不完美的。所以才会如此令人怀念。With thetwo-week hockey tournament finally came to an end, Teacher Team won thechampionship of tournament eventually, also regained their own share of youth,and memories. Youth, such a beautiful word, it represents a period of time thatno failure of our life. It was ok to make mistakes, dream and hope were thereasons we carried on. Cross-over, spin; we do all these moves in our lifestadium, just for the last dance. Alike this tournament, 8 teams, 48 athletesall fighting for their goals at the same time. While there is only onechampionship, but everyone on the playground should be respected. The author ofSlam Dunk, Takehiko Inoue once said: Not perfect makes youth such a charmingvocabulary.


Thanks to all the teachers and students’ participation, this contest obtained atremendous repercussion from all the aspects. This event makes them have aclear understanding the importance of teamwork; which they will need very soon.Cooperating is the cherry on the top, individualistic heroism won’t work in ateam, especially in western education systems. Understanding that the essenceof team will lead them to the victory. These seemingly straightforwardrationales are actually need to constantly break-in and practice, in order toallow these international high school students were able to adapt to theupcoming Western university education, this contest really can be regarded asperfect timely rain. These young athletes also did not fail in their mission,shining under the blue sky, moving forward to a bright future!