【Language Snacks】 第十期:Get on like a house on fire

2016-07-06 英国大使馆文化教育处

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本期我们看get on like a house on fire



A: Hi, how's it going with your new boyfriend?

B: Daniel? Oh, great. He met my parents for the first time yesterday actually.

A说你肯定特紧张吧,怎么样?B说他们got on like a house on fire。爸爸和他聊了好几个小时的足球,而妈妈被他的笑话逗得前仰后合。

A: Oh really? I bet you were nervous about that. What happened?

B: Well, they all got on like a house on fire!

A: Really?

B: Yes! Daniel and dad were talking about football for hours! And my mum kept laughing at all of Daniel's jokes!



Although we can sometimes guess the meaning of a new English expression, other times we have to be a bit careful. The expression get on like a house on fire, for example, sounds like it might be negative as most of us associate fire and burning with danger and destruction. However, some students are surprised to learn that if you get on like a house on fire, you actually have a very close and good relationship with someone.

我们学语言的时候经常要根据词组里的词来猜意思,但是对于“get on like a house on fire”,我们可不能望文生义,因为这个词组其实是用于形容与某人很快建立了非常亲密和友好的关系。比如对话中的Daniel很快就给女朋友的父母留下了好印象,就是”they all got on like a house on fire”。


If people get on like a house on fire, they:

a) argue and fight with each other all the time

b) have a very good, friendly relationship

c) are in danger

答案: b)


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