【LanguageSnacks】第十二期:Fire away

2016-08-15 英国大使馆文化教育处

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 本期我们看fire away  



 ...so that concludes my presentation today and I will now be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Er, thank you for such an interesting talk. Could I just ask one question about the plans for a new building that you mentioned at the beginning?


A说,没问题,Fire away。


Yes, of course. Fire away.



The expression fire away is an invitation to ask questions about anything you want. It's often used as a friendly and informal reply to someone who has said 'can I ask you something?', and is the same as saying 'go ahead'.

Informal expressions like this can be used occasionally in formal situations, like the presentation example above, to make you sound relaxed, friendly and confident. It's important that your body language matches this message though, so try to smile when you say it!

fire away”其实和火没有什么关系。当有人想向你提问的时候,你可以说fire away,意思和go ahead是一样的。这种说法通常来说适用于比较随意的场合。当然,象对话里的情景,说fire away也是恰当的,可以让提问的人感觉到比较轻松、随意的气氛,让你本人显得比较自信。


What does fire away mean?:

a) you can ask me anything you want

b) it's safe to fire the gun

c) I think I can smell something burning

答案: a)


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