Feeling tired? You could be low in iron?

2016-04-14 新西兰好健康

Having low iron can dramatically affect your energy levels, as your blood isn't able to effectively carry oxygen around your body. Low levels of iron can affect your mood and put your immune system under pressure. Some common signs and symptoms of iron deficiency include:
·         Pale skin 脸无血色
·         Shortness of breath 呼吸急促
·         Weakness and fatigue虑弱疲劳
·         Dizziness and light-headedness眩晕和头晕
·         Poor memory 记忆力差

·         Sensitivity to the cold and/or colds hands 

          and  feet 手脚冰冷

·         Palpitations心悸

It’s important to remember that symptoms vary per individual and some of these signs and symptoms are similar to other health conditions. To determine if your iron levels are the problem, get a blood test through your doctors. If your levels are low, a good supplement can be a good way to boost them. Good Health Iron Chews™ are an easy chewing tablet that you take once a day. They taste great and contain absolutely no artificial sweetener. If you’re interested, find out more Link to Iron Chews Good Health website


Types of Iron
Iron in food comes in two main forms, haem and non-haem iron.
Haem iron is found in meat, seafood and poultry, and is easily absorbed by our bodies. Non-haem iron is found mostly in plant foods, especially green leafy vegetables such as silver beet, spinach, broccoli, beans, lentils, grains, nuts and seeds. Non-haem iron is not 
absorbed as well, so having some vitamin C when eating these foods will help your body to absorb the iron. 

Who is most at risk ?

Because iron is poorly absorbed in the body, many people barely meet the minimum daily requirement. Women are particularly at risk of iron deficiency due to iron loss through menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding, so some good tips to enhance iron absorption include:
· Vitamin C increases iron absorption - if you take Vitamin C with iron supplements or when you eat foods that contain iron, you'll be more likely to reap the benefits. 
维生素C提高铁的吸收力 - 维生素C与铁片一齐服用,事半功倍。

·Avoid drinking coffee and tea or eating excessive amounts of grain foods and fibre alongside iron supplements or iron-containing foods - these all decrease iron absorption. 

·Avoid taking high doses of calcium, magnesium or zinc alongside iron supplements or iron-containing food. These also inhibit iron absorption. 

Note: Always seek medical advice before taking an iron supplement long term; iron deficiency is bad, but too much iron isn’t good either