Bio Island 全天然婴幼儿牛乳提取液态纯乳钙 90粒

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产品名 Bio Island 全天然婴幼儿牛乳提取液态纯乳钙 90粒

英文名称 Bio Island Milk Calcium 90

品牌 Bio Island

产地 澳大利亚

规格 90粒

功效 促进食物中钙吸收入血,促进血钙向骨组织沉着,对骨骼生长发育有重要作用

保质期 3年

适用人群 28天以上的婴儿、幼儿、儿童

特别说明 4周-6月婴儿每日1粒; 7月-1岁婴儿每日2粒; 1-3岁儿童每日2-3粒; 4-9岁儿童每日3-4粒。 请随食物或饮品一同服用,或遵医嘱。 *建议4岁以下儿童服用时,请于胶囊鱼尾处拧断,将有效成分挤入牛奶或果汁中。

General Information

Bio Island Milk Calcium is suitable for use by young infants from the age of 4 weeks, the dosages are based on the Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI) and Adequate Intakes (AI) established by the NHMRC (National Health & Research Council).

Using easy to obtain calcium and vitamin D to build strong bones and teeth. With calcium formulated from cow's milk, this product as a daily supplement is beneficial for growth and maintenance of strong, healthy bones. Calcium is also essential from cellular structure, muscle contraction, nerve transmission, enzyme activation and hormone function. Adequate dietary calcium in youth is required to maximise bones and tissues, while vitamin D helps calcium absorption & the immune system. Vitamin D also plays a role in aiding normal regulation of blood sugar in a healthy body.


Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.


Hydroxyapatite 270mg
Equiv. to calcium 78 mg
Cholecalciferol (vitamin D) 2.5 µg


Children aged 4 weeks - 6 months take 1 capsule;
7 months -1 year take 2 capsules;
1-3 years take 2 - 3 capsules;
4-9 years take 3-4 capsules, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Please take with meal.

*For children under 4 years, twist or cut the capsule tail and squeeze the contents onto a spoon. The contents can then be administered into the mouth, using the spoon. Alternatively, the dosage can be squeezed onto food.






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