5 Excellent reasons why you should take Co Q10

2016-03-15 新西兰好健康

Just about everyone is looking for a magic pill, one that can heal all of our health ailments, make us look younger, and rejuvenate us from head to toe.
Turns out it’s already inside us and its called Co enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) –a substance that our bodies naturally produces, yet most of us are deficient.
其实,我们自身内部就会产生这“仙丹”--- 辅酶Q10,它是体内的一种物质,可惜大多数人都缺乏它。
CoQ10 helps the ‘furnace’ in the cells of your body get fired up and produce energy to each and every cell, tissue and organ.  If you don’t have enough – your body can't work properly which leads to poor health and vitality. Levels are depleted due to illness, unhealthy lifestyle, some medications and age.
Health Benefits of CoQ10
1.Slows the aging process
Your body produces CoQ10 naturally but as you age, not only does your body make less CoQ10, it becomes less efficient at utilising what it does make. With both of these factors not working properly, ageing is accelerated.  CoQ10 supplementation has strong antioxidant properties, and along with its ability to optimise cell function – so it really does help slow the aging process. This not only includes how we look on the outside but how fast our bodies age on the inside too.

2.Gives you energy
Lack of energy is one of the top health complaints reported by adults. We often associate this with a hectic lifestyle or getting older but it can just be a CoQ10 deficiency.  CoQ10 is one of the main supplements prescribed for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, however everyone can benefit from taking it – you don’t have to have a specific health condition. On a cellular level, the replenishing CoQ10 levels enables cells to function as efficiently as they did when you were younger.
3.Exercise Performance
CoQ10 improves workout capacity and oxygen transport in athletes.  CoQ10 also helps to prevent damage to muscles that can occur as a result of intensive exercise or endurance exercise.
4.Offsets the side effects of medications
Medications including some Anti-depressants, Beta blockers (blood pressure medication) and Statin drugs (for lowering cholesterol) also deplete our bodies CoQ10 levels and can give us unwanted side effects. These side effects can include muscle pain, soreness or weakness; digestive problems, memory problems and a spectrum of other problems.  Supplementing with CoQ10 can help offset these unwanted side effects of these medications.
5. Helps your heart
Cells with the greatest energy requirement (like heart cells) also have the largest need for Co-Q10.  If your heart doesn’t work efficiently the rest of your body feels the effects and your health is affected.
A healthy heart needs high concentrations of CoQ10 to function properly.  When a deficiency exists, cardiovascular problems can start to show.  If you’re on statin medication  it’s really important you take CoQ10 supplementation so you don’t deplete your body of this valuable nutrient even further.

Co-Q10 is fat-soluble it is best taken in an oil-base (eg fish oil) for maximal absorption and utilization to help safely restore energy and vitality.
Good Health Opti CoQ10 contains naturally fermented CoQ10 in a fish oil base and is essential for optimal heart health and energy levels.
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