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2016-04-15 EB5美国投资移民

An invitation Letter from Shanghai

Dear EB-5 Professionals:

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the upcoming [2016 Investment Immigration Summit] (IIS) at the mega Shanghai Tower in Pudong, Shanghai on April 29th and 30th.

Focusing on EB-5 Immigration Investments, the conference is jointly hosted by: [Immigration TV talk show Visalution], [Studying Abroad Magazine] and [The China Press]. 

The event will reach 50,000 investors through the syndication of 9 major media partners, 20 mainstream TV stations, 80 internet sites, 8000 digital display boards, our conference website and mobile app. 

Join us and meet with representatives from 10 Exit and Entry Intermediary Service Associations, 50 migration and study abroad agencies and 400+ entrepreneurs at the 2016 Global Investment Immigration Summit. 

Who We Are

We are an alliance of media promoters that specialize in immigration, study aboard and living in the U.S. 

There are over 2 millions of Chinese immigrant population currently living in the U.S., plus over 300,000 of international students studying stateside. 

When Chinese are looking to live or study in the U.S., they look to us and our media partners to find authoritative information.


[Visalution] – a weekly  exclusive television talk-show programming show on [China Business Network] (CBN), the premier business news mediagroup, with newspaper, magazine and TV contents.

Study Abroad Magazine

[Study Abroad Magazine] – a print and online magazine dedicated to 

overseas education and related  immigration issues. 

Part of the [Guangming Daily] news and media group,  the magazine has a wide reach to students and parents in China and  beyond.   

The China Press

[The China Press] – a digital  and print news media that serves overseas Chinese in the U.S. and beyond. 

Conducting it own independent journalism, the China Press provides a trusted source  of information that Chinese immigrants care the most.


We have developed cooperative relationships with major EB-5 service providers such as Worldway Group, Wailian Overseas, Qiaowai Group, NYCRC, CanAm, David Hirson & Partners.

Our programming also included organizations such as Greenland, BDO, CBRE, DBS Bank, Standard Chartered, Bank of China and others. 

Conference Objective

The major objective of this investment summit is to assemble immigration agencies, EB-5 projects and regional centers and immigrant investors to meet face to face. 

Studies by B2B International, shows that conferencing and exhibitions is the most favored method that Chinese companies and professionals wish to be engaged by a foreign company, followed by email, website, workplace, phone, post and networking.

While many Western markets thinks conferences and exhibitions are a waste of time and money, in Asia, and particular China, it should be an essential component of your overall marketing strategy. 

Let us meet and forge long lasting relationships. 

The conference will be primarily open to invitees only, but will be extended to others on a space available basis.

Our goal is simple and that is to put your project directly in front of the EB-5 agencies, promoters and prospects beyond the conference. 

We know promotion and we will guide you the first essential step in marketing your project to Chinese investors.  

Distinguished guests 

Rachel Wang

Chong qing Association of Overseas  Consulting Services  Company,


XieYan wu

 Guangdong  Entry& Exit Immigration Services Association,President

Sun Xian tao 

 《Studying abroad》magazine ,President

Dr Winner Xing

   Chairman of WorldWay

Xu guang Guo

Sichuan Province Exit & Entry Agent

Trade Association, Vice President

Ma Ning

     IIUSA Regiona lrepresentative of China

Huang Qun fei 

Zhe jiang Province Exit & Entry Agent

Trade  Association, Vice President

Zeng Shou long

 Hu bei Trade Association of Private

Exit-Entry Services, President

Lin Hong Ling

Shen zheng  Exit & Entry Agent Trade Association,President

He Boyi 

Guang Dong Province Exit & Entry Agent

Trade Association, President

Zhu Dan

Si Chuan Province Exit & Entry Agent

Trade Association,  President

Dr. Henry Heilong Zou

 Chairman of Henry Group


Shanghai  Entry & Exit Immigration

 Services Association  President unit representative

How to Sign up

For US event exhibitors and sponsors, registration is easy. Simply visit our [conference website] and [apply online]. 

You will also find all relevant information on our website to help you make an informed decision. 

We look forward to meet you in Shanghai. 

If you have any questions about the conference, please call our US representative,

Maxwell Chang @ 206.661.8168. 

For all other inquires, please contact us,


www.globaliis.com / www.yitoulu.com