Time for a detox?

2016-04-28 新西兰好健康

Here are the most commonly asked questions about detoxing

Spring is the perfect time of year for a little internal cleaning. A change in season in general is a great time to do a detox. It’s during these times that our body’s like change, so doing a week or month-long detox can give you a boost of energy right when you need it.

Q: How do I know if I need to detox?
A: You need to detox when your body is overloaded with toxins. These toxins present differently in everybody but some common signs include bad skin, having problems with weight, constantly lacking energy, body odour, headaches and irritability.
Q: What exactly does a detox involve?
A: Generally it involves a combination of natural health products, dietary improvements and lifestyle changes. Detoxes are designed to encourage the removal of toxins from your body, improving your liver function and overall well-being.
Q: Do I have to eat differently during a detox?
A: A change in diet is necessary. It’s best to eat foods that can be digested easily, and of course natural, wholesome food is always preferred. Steamed or raw vegetables, chicken, fish, soups and broths are all good options. Try to eat what’s in season too, as this will ensure you’re getting the appropriate nutrients for your body.
Q: Do I have to give up coffee and alcohol?
A: Unfortunately, yes. Both coffee and alcohol are really difficult for your liver to process. For the best result, it’s important to give up both for the duration of your detox; you’ll feel better at the end of it.

Q: Will I lose weight by doing a detox?
A: Often people will lose weight while detoxing, particularly around their face and stomach, but it’s important to remember that the purpose of a detox is to cleanse your organs, not to shed kilograms.  The weight loss usually happens because you start to retain less water. Water retention can occur as a result of sugar consumption, food intolerances and excess carbs. Cutting these out of your diet also improves bloating. 
答:通常排毒后都会减轻重量的 特别是脸部和肚子;但是,排毒目的是净化器官,不是减肥。排毒的减重通常是因为水份流失。糖份消耗、食物不耐症和过多的碳水化合物都会影响水份在体内的存储。把这些不良物质排出体外后,可减轻腹胀。
Q: How will I know if the detox is working?
A: Everybody is different and the effects of a detox vary. It is quite normal to feel worse before you feel better. Sometimes people experience headaches, fatigue, nausea and even flu-like symptoms. Others experience bad skin, stronger smelling sweat and urine or a coating on their tongue that causes bad breath.
Q: How long should I detox for?
A:  Most people find seven days is long enough, but if it feels good, there’s nothing to say you can’t continue detoxing for twenty or even thirty days.

Sometimes it’s nice to have options. Good Health offers a full Body Cleanse that can be used as a seven day rapid detox or a one month gradual cleanse. You don’t always have to commit to an all or nothing detox either. Good Health Milk Thistle and Good Health Liver Tonic are both nice one-capsule-a-day options that are designed to cleanse the liver.

If you are not keen on taking a capsule, you could try Good Health Liquid Chlorophyll, an alkalising drink that promotes the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems. 

The benefits of a good detox are incredible, but it’s not a journey you should embark on lightly. If you’ve never done one before, it’s a good idea to talk to your healthcare professional first. Together you can figure out what the most suitable option is for you, ensuring you can get the best results.